Thursday, March 02, 2006

pages, pages, pages

Wow! Has it already been 5 days since my last post! The week is just flying by... Ok, I told myself that tonight i was gonna post some of my scrapbook pages. I started scrapbooking at the end of my pregnancy, but started doing it on a regular basis when i met my friend Michelle and got her hooked into it. We would get together at least once a week to scrap, so i got at least 1 page done per week. Now that i've been back at work since September i got 1 page done and a dozen X-mas cards that i did during a friday night crop. I really want to get more done but i don't know where the other girls from the forums get them time. some of them get a few pages a week done. I would be content with one a week :-)

So this is the first page of Brady's scrapbook it's very simple, yet elegant.

This is the second page (but i actually made this one first) It says how we got the good news. In the two columns i wrote, how we got the news and how we told others.

This is a double layout i did of my pregnancy. You know i didn't really have weird cravings. Although....strawberry ice cream tasted so good and i discovered "After Eight" ice cream. I ate this one on a regular basis, so much so that my son loves it too! He likes anything that's minty (candy canes, toothpaste...)

this is the page i did of my ultrasounds. I made a little book with tabs of the number of weeks i was at, with all the pictures. I worked really hard on this one.

Well that's all i'm gonna post tonight 'cause it's already later than my bedtime. I'll try to post more this week-end, 'cause tomorrow night I plan on scrapbooking and eating sushi after Brady is in bed. I hope Michelle will be able to make it, it would be a lot of fun!!!

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Cindy said...

Hi Isabelle!

I love your pages! I can only imagine the rest of the album is amazing. I'm not into scrapbooking, but I'm into cross stitching.