Saturday, February 24, 2007

another one

as a scrapbook new years resolution, i told myself that i would try and make a card with the leftovers whenever i finished a layout. here's a thank you card i made last night after finishing my "dream" layout. I'm pretty proud of myself, so far i've made 3 things with the same 2 sheets of paper, and i have some left for another card or a small 8 x 8 layout.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


so here's the layout i did with that picture of Charlie. It was the first time i was using an 8 x 12 picture on a layout and i loved it. I'll definetly have to do it again sometimes.

On another note, he's been getting a rash like red bumps all over. At first it looked like baby acne on his face (an i think it was) but then it kinda changed into a bunch of little red bumps and it spread to the back of his neck, then his chest, his back and his arms. Also the skin on his face is very dry and scaly. I hope he doesn't have eczema or anything like that. He's got an appointment with his pediatrician next wednesday, in the meantime the nurse told me i could apply the cortisone cream he had prescribed last time. Hopefully this will go away and won't be a recurring problem, poor kid!

Monday, February 19, 2007

say what???

Well i think that says it all! Dave took this picture last night after Charlie's bath. His hair is always up in the air...i just love it like that! i'm definetly gonna have to scrap this picture!

Friday, February 16, 2007

i've updated my LO "fun at the pool" i stamped the fish on white pp, i find it shows up better.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

1 month today!!!

Charlie is 1 month old today!!! Happy month-aversary Sweetie! I'd also like to say Happy Birthday to my dad and my mother-in-law.

So here are some pictures i just took of little Charlie.

Here is his first smile on camera. He started doing them today and he also started doing this weird sort of laugh. it's really cute!

Also, today i went by Josee's house to pick up my Stampin'Up's a picture of what i received. 3 stamp kits (one was free) 2 punches and 1 paper piercing template. She has a really bad cold so i didn't stay very long. I hope she gets better soon. I was waiting to get these because i needed the fish stamp from my free kit to finish my layout. It's for the weekly challenge from Scrapbook Centrale

Here's my Lo and also the sketch on which it's bases on.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

a little update

There's not much going on. Charlie has given me 2 good nights (only waking up once) so last night i got 7 hrs sleep, that feels good!!!

He now weighs approx 9 1/2 lbs, but i'll have a more precise weight on friday when i go to the CLSC. He's in a baby acne phase so he's not at his cutest right now. Although i did take some pictures and probably will scrap this unfortunate phase of babyhood (Brady barely got any at all) Charlie has been in this phase for about 1 week now and i'm hoping it won't last much longer because i want to go get some pictures done at Cheezz photography. I got Brady's done at 5 weeks and i was hoping to do the same with Charlie but if he still has a bunch of pimples it'll have to wait a bit.

I'm curently working on a layout, so as soon as it's done i'll post it. Also myStampin' Up order has arrived at Josee's and i can't wait to go pick it up, probably on Thursday!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


i made a layout. Dave has been in Miami since thursday and came back tonight, so yesterday Michelle came over after work with her daughter and we had supper (sushi for us and pasta for the kids) After that the kids took a bath, yes together...they're only 2! Once they were in bed i made some chocolate lava cakes while Charlie was drinking. Once he was done we finally started cropping, i think it was close to 8h30 maybe 9 o'clock. I find that so late to start anything, but i really wanted to get something done and of course like usual it took me a while to get started. I knew what i wanted to do, but i wanted valentines day papers and didn't have any. So i decided to go through my stash and see if there was something i could use. I actually found some paper that was decent. Michelle left it was midnight, i put the last touches on my title and journaling and did NOT like the look of it, but decided to put it aside until the next day and sleep on it. Well Charlie woke up 10 minutes later so after all the feeding was done i ended up going to bed at 1h30. All in all i slept approximatly 3 maybe 3 1/2 hours last night.

Today my dad came over to watch Brady while i went to Scrapbook Centrale to go visit Annick that was down for an all-day crop. Dave donated 50$ to the Isabelle scrapbook fund (as he called it) Thanks Hunny! So i bought a few things that made my layout look alot better than it did last night. Unfortunelty because i had written in ink, i put pieces of cardstock over it. It shows in one spot I really love the finished product. See for yourself.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thank you very much

To everybody that came over on sunday to meet our little guy. I didn't want a baby shower while i was pregnant because we didn't know the sex of the bb and i didn't want to end up with a whole bunch of yellow of green pj's. So i had decided to host a "welcome to this world" get together for the people that hadn't met Charlie yet. We had quite a house full, 13 adults and 9 kids!!! The living room was like a war zone full of toys, but Melanie's kids (Audrey and Jeremy) were really nice and picked up everything at the end of the afternoon.

Charlie got some nice clothes and lots of bath products, this kid is gonna smell GREAT!!! Most of the time the guys were downstairs watching the hockey game in high definition (Dave just got it installed) and the girls were upstairs with the kids chatting and eating. I made this really delicious lemon mousse cheesecake and there were the traditional things like crudites and chips and little sausages in dough.

Oh yeah! i also got a layout and a card done for a weekly challenge on the SC forum. here they are:

this card is based on an Ad
and the layout is based on a sketch

Saturday, February 03, 2007

the visit

I'm so happy, yesterday was a big day for Charlie, first of all he got circumcised in the morning and in the afternoon Tamara, my best friend from high school came down for a visit. She lives in Ottawa now and at least for the next 2 years. She's in the RCMP and is on the musical ride. She stayed over night and left not to long ago. I think she enjoyed her visit because she kept telling Charlie that she was in LOVE and if she could take him with her. It was really great to see her. We don't live that far away from each other but we don't get together often enough. Her work takes her on the road from May to October so, you know... Here's a couple of pictures I took of
her and Charlie. Dave was getting home late so i made some Cumin Chicken and we cracked open a bottle of wine, for dessert we had chocolate lava cakes and damn good conversation! We are definetly gonna have to repeat the experience!

On a more sour note Brady woke up this morning at 7 o'clock...YEAH!!! except that during the night he had thrown up on his pillow and it was all over his hair. So we jumped in the shower to wash up, and when i checked his temperature he had a 101,5 F fever. I gave him some Motrin and he threw that up within 20 min. so we waited a while and then i gave him some Tylenol, hoping that the fever would go down, then he started asking for food so i gave him a tiny piece of toast. When that didn't come back up i gave him another little piece. He went for an AM nap (which he hasn't done in a long time) and when he got up he still had a 101.5 fever. he had a little bit of plain macaroni for lunch and went back to bed at 2pm, still with a fever. hopefully that won't last too long.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm so tired....

Charlie, obviously, doesn't do his nights yet. we'll go to bed between 10 and 11 pm and then he wakes up around 1 or 2 and then again between 4-5am. I find that last bit hard because i went back to bed around 3 so i only get 1 hour sleep in between feedings. And Brady has been waking up between 5h30 and 6h (but usually closer to the 5h30) And then Charlie doesn't really sleep long in the morning, between 6 and 6h30 he's up. What gets me going is that during the day he'll sleep 3-4 hours straight in the morning and the same thing in the afternoon, but at night he goes 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Just look at how peaceful he looks sleeping during the day.

My husband is also very tired, because the baby noises keep him awake and he has troubles falling back asleep when i get back to bed. He better get used to it fast because in the morning he looks like he got hit by a dump truck! I bet he can't wait for his next business trip, it will seem like a vacation.