Monday, June 26, 2006

prenatal tests

Tonight i went for the prenatal test (they test to see if there is a chance of Down syndrome)
Everything looked good. And we finally saw the baby and the heart was beating fine, so i know everything is ok. The baby is smaller than expected and maybe it's because my cycle is longer than the typical 28 days, so the baby is about 11.6 wks instead of 12.2 I don't care as long as he/she is healthy. We leave tomorrow for Europe (3 days in Paris and 3 days in Barcelona) Should be really nice, i'll let you know when we come back. Also i will scan the pics of the ultrasound and post them.
Talk to you all when i get back!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

pregnancy update

I had my first doctor's appointment yesterday. She says everything looks fine, but unfortunetly we did not hear the baby's heartbeat...and it's not 'cause she didn't try to find it. It did the same thing at my first pregnancy, we couldn't hear the hearbeat at 10 weeks either. But that's ok because i've got the prenatal test with the "clarete nucale" ultrasound to see if there is a change of downs syndrome on June 26th. That's in 2 weeks, it's the day before we leave for Europe. So we'll get to see the baby, i'm really happy because it's gonna make it all very real, although i'm starting to show already (apparently a second baby always shows sooner than a first) I don't really feel very pregnant.

I can't wait...I'll let you know how it went and i'll post the pics of the ultrasound when we come back from vacation. :-)

Monday, June 05, 2006

almost 1 month

Wow almost 1 month since my last entry. I'm not a good blogger... I told my boss today that i was pregnant. He was good about it, he congratulated me. So it kinda eased my mind. My first appointement is on June 14th, hopefully everything will be good. I've actually lost weight in my first 2 months, compared to my first pregnancy, i had gained weight, then again we had gone on a trip and that never helps 'cause we always eat way too well at the restaurants.

little sidebar, i'm watching Canadian Idol, and i have to say the auditions in Montreal really, really sucked!!!

Ok, so i have my first appointment on the 14th and be my calculations, they'll have to do the fetal translucency to determine chances of downs syndrome, either the week leaving or the week coming back from Europe. i'll let you guys know more when i know.