Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What a scare!

Boy I had such a scare this morning. On my way out of the house i fell down the stairs of porch. They were icy and I was being careful but my foot slipped anyways and i went down 7 steps. Thank heavens I wasn't holding Brady's hand at the time, i would've brought him down with me. So Needless to say i was a little...ok alot, freaked out! I didn't know if the bb was gonna be ok or not, so i got into my car with Brady, on the way to the daycare i called the hospital and told me to come on in and they'd check to make sure the bb's heartbeat was fine and that it was moving well and make sure i had no contractions. Dave is on his last business trip this week so i called my dad to see if he could come with me. He met me at the daycare and we went to the hospital. Everything is fine, nothing to worry about. If by any chance i was to start bleeding or having painfull contractions i have to call the hospital back. I decided to stay home the rest of the day and rest. I rented 2 movies (the Stone family and Ice Age 2)

Dave was already uneasy about leaving for another trip this week, this will make him feel even worst, but there's nothing he could've done about it, i probably would've fallen anyways.

So far the only consequence to this whole thing is a MEGA bruise on the side of my left thigh. I think i fell on my left bum cheek and then on the side of my left thigh. It happened so fast, next thing i knew i was at the bottom of the stairs looking up at Brady.

I'm just glad there's nothing wrong.
Keep you posted

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

halloween 06

Ok so i'm little late in posting the halloween pictures...but that's me the constant procrastinator.
So we went to quebec city for the annual halloween party at Emilie's house (dave's daughter).
Since i'm pregnant i didn't know what to dress up as so i used my makeup artist talents to paint my belly into a pumpkin. Dave just put on one of my dresses. He'll kill me if he knew i posted this picture... :-) and Brady didn't want to keep his costume on at the party but he did wear it to go trick or treating.

Isn't he just lovely!?

Monday, November 20, 2006

crop 'till you drop!

On saturday I finally went to an all-day crop at Scrapbook Centrale. I had lots of fun with Annick, Tamara, Kris, Josie and all the girls. I met some new ones which was nice also. Josie showed up in the morning with her 1 mo old daughter, Maeva and her boyfriend. Maeva is very adorable. Josie made 2 great pages of her..obviously (that's what every new mom does)

I am very happy with what i've got done, i managed to make my x-mas cards (about a dozen).
I also altered a luggage tag that was sent to me by Nestle Baby for my luggage to the hospital
and i made 2 8x8 x-mas pages of Brady. I thought i'd have trouble making the 8x8 format, but it was so easy and fun! And let's face it the holidays are a festive time full of lights and sparkle, so not surprising that there's sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles on theses two pages. My new favorite product right now....Stickles! (it's a sparkle glue)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

update on pregnancy

Hi had my doctor's appointment today (32 1/2 weeks) and everything is doing really well, a few weeks ago i lost secretions that were part of the mucus plug, but she said that was OK as long as there was no blood. The baby is head down, which is good. It doesn't mean that it can't change positions later on, but i have faith. Brady was positioned head down the whole pregnancy. And i didn't forget my little recorder this time. I had bought a little recorder especially made for scrapbooking, so i recorded the heart beat and put it on my ultrasound page...i know it's pink and i don't know the sex of the bb, but lets say the page is for me and i wanted pink!

pictures of my b-day supper

Me, my sister, my husband and my son
My dad and I with Brady

my sister, me, Brady, David (my husband)Dave's mom and dad, and my mom and dad standing
Dave's dad, his mom and my mom

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Ok so i'm late, it was last tuesday (nov 7th) that was a regular day, i was so tired that morning because Brady had been waking up at 5am for the pas few days, that i had totally forgot it was my birthday that day. I did get a cake at supper, but that was it, i had already got my gift early (a remote car starter). You see it was my 30th b-day, so i told my husband that he better be doing something big for my birthday. Well last week he tells me we're going to the restaurant with his parents for a family supper..'cause we don't have family suppers often enough. I asked him if he asked my dad to go ('cause that's my only family here) and he says NO. Well that made me a little upset, ok my dad was working at midnight that day so he probably would've said no anyways, but still he could've asked, right?! So we get to the restaurant (Baton Rouge, 'cause i wanted ribs) On our way to the restaurant, he tells me that we were gonna be joined by a few other people, but they were gonna be late, you know traffic and everything. I though maybe it was my friends Michelle and Julie. Then at the restaurant he starts telling me that my friends were taking me out after supper. He was gonna go home with Brady and put him to bed and i was going out, where? He had no idea, my friends had organized it. I was happy but intrigued because he didn't tell me which friends. Then he calls the mystery person and says : you're on the 412? so automatically i thought of my best friend Tamara that's in Ottawa!
The way that were sitting, my back is to the entrance of the restaurant, but there are mirrors in front of me, all of a sudden i see my sister behind me! then my mom next to her!
My husband, the sweetheart that he is had flown in my sister from Saskatoon, SK and my mom from Fredericton, NB. And guess who picked them up at the aeroport? My dad. so it really was a family supper for my b-day.

Monday, November 06, 2006

pics, pics, pics

OK here are the pics i was telling you about.

This is at 31 weeks pregnant

some fun at the trampoline place in Laval, it's alot of fun!

and finally Brady as a cat at Halloween this year!


ok I finally updated my other blog (http://igagnon76.spaces.live.com/) the one with all my scrapbook pages. I've made a few cards and altered notebooks lately so i posted them there.

I'll be back soon with an updated pregnancy picture and a few pictures of my son at halloween and some other ones we took at trampoline this week-end. He absolutly loves the trampoline and i got some good pics for a page i'll have to work on at the crop on Nov 18th.