Saturday, March 04, 2006

so where was I...

Oh yeah! here a few more pages out of Brady's scrapbook.

This is the one at the hospital, right after giving birth. i sewd a little clear pouch where i inserted our hospital bracelets. And i made a little booklet with the story of how it happened.

This one is after our first night home, he was so cute... I took the foot prints and hand prints when he was 25 days old when my mom came to visit from N.B. I also embossed them which gives it a nice look. On the little tags i wrote down, where, date, time, weight, length and head circumference.
This is one is of his chinese astrology sign. the Monkey, and his element is Wood. (appropriate don't you think) I framed the picture of him sleeping with "Runts" bananas!

this one is called "What's in a name?" I made 2 tags with the name definitions of Brady and Logan (that's his middle name). I wrote about how we picked Brady as a name, to make a long story short...Tom Brady quarterback for the Patriots. And on the bottom part i printed a page with all the nicknames me and Dave called him and ripped the paper open to show the three pictures beneath.

It's now passed 11 o'clock and i really have to go to bed since last night me and Michelle scrapbooked 'till midnight and i was up early this morning. Dave is still out of town on meetings so i'll be getting up early tomorrow too. So i'll keep loading more of my pages later.

Good Night.....

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Anonymous said...

Hey Isabelle,

Not sure how this works, but i'll try to leave you a message just the same.
I love your blog! What a great idea. I will keep reading it, it's a great way to keep up with you!
love ya!