Sunday, March 12, 2006

already Sunday....

Wow, i can't beleive it's already sunday night. Week-ends just go by way too fast. It was Emilie's b-day on saturday so we went down to Quebec city. We had a nice week-end, stayed at the Chateau Bonne Entente. They are really family friendly and very detailed oriented. They have a "Fun Club" it's like a daycare, we brought him there last night (after a long day of bowling and b-day cake) put him down to sleep in one of the cribs and went to the movies. Ok, it was a really sucky movie (Ultraviolet) There's no story whatsoever! Then we went to get him and put him down in the playpen they'd brought in our room (it had blankets, a little cover and pillow) it was nice to go out with my hubby!

Before i go downstairs to clean my kitchen before Desperate Housewives here are a few more pics of some of Brady's album.

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE pages. "Bath Time" around the journaling i made a frame of microbeads. It gives it really cool texture. I also used 3D acrylique bubbles.

This is the page when he was 2 months old. I decide to splurge a little and get professional pictures done, 'cause you know they're only this small once... I went to Cheezz Photography in Greenfield park. They were really great! And i really love this page, it's very simle and classy ( at least i think so)

This page i can't really take credit for it since i copied it from Michelle, she's the one that got the idea. You have a picture of me and Dave at 5 months old and then one of Brady at 5 mo. On each side of hime you have zooms on the parts of the face i thought resemble who's of his parents.

And this last one is "Cousins" My sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time. She gave birth 2 months after I did. So we have pics of us I was at 40 weeks (theses pics were taken on Oct 12 th my original due date, i gave birth on the 16th) On the picture of the boys, Brady is 3 months old and Nathaniel is 1 month old (he was born at 37 1/2 weeks gestation, not considered pre-mature) but trust me he gained his weight pretty fast, now they are both approximatly the same weight, Brady is a little taller.

Ok, so it's 8 om and DH is starting, gotta go!

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