Monday, June 30, 2008

unseen revealed

i went up to Ottawa to visit my best friend, Tamara. If you remember in an earlier post i said that there were 2 layouts and a card that i couldn't show you in case that person checked out my blog, well it was T and since i gave her the layouts and card this w-e i can finally share them with you.

the first layout: "Mackenzie" was made for a gift to one of her friends. i'm totally in love with this layout and would've loved to keep it but alas that was not an option. trust me the picture really does not do it justice, it's so much nicer IRL!

this layout is about T's tattoo she got in remembrance of her father, LWP are his initials. He was a great man. (and an awesome softball coach!)

and well T got hurt on the musical ride a few weeks ago so i made her this get well card. She's damn lucky i love her because i really wanted to keep this card! LOL! i just really love the way it turned out (don't you just love October Afternoon!)

so that's that! tomorrow we're off because of Canada Day. all i know is that i get to sleep in! yay!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

scrap results from crop and life update

So i've had a pretty crazy last week. This is what's been happening and considering i was at home i don't know why i didn't post sooner.

so last monday my dh was admitted to the hospital for having a very swollen knee due to an extreme amount of creatin in his system due to muscle overexhaustion. His body was not eliminating it like it should've and was potentially dangerous for his kidneys so he spend monday-wednesday at the hospital under observation. Monday night after visiting him at the hospital Brady started having a fever and throwing up, that lasted until wednesday AND Charlie got hand-foot-mouth disease. so last week i was at work on monday and on friday. Saturday i went to the monthly crop at Scrapbook Centrale. My friend Melanie and her friend Wendy came down from Ottawa, it was really nice to get to crop with them, Mel is such a big source of inspiration for me; i love her stuff and seeing her just create with such ease was so awesome! I got to crop with my good friend Claude again, i just love what she does but somehow i can't seem to recreate that style and she's a great sounding board when i'm not sure about something. (we should definately get together more often, we have a project we want to do...) Afterwards we went to Starbucks for coffee, ok i had a Chai Latte because at that hour (10h30pm) if i had had coffee i wouldn't fallen asleep before 3am! i did get to be only at 1am but i got to sleep in the next morning.

Today was a Quebec holiday so no work! Dh and I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda, it was really good!!! i recommend it!!!

so i leave you with 2 of my 4 layouts. I can't show you the other 2 because they are for my friend Tamara and just in case she checks out my blog i wouldn't was to ruin the surprise. i think they are totally rockin' and i can't wait to share them!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

July Kit is here!!!

The July kit is now available on Just Cre8
Here are my first 3 layouts and i will have 3 cards coming soon and maybe a fourth layout. You can check out the other awesome layouts that were cre8ed by the other awesome DT members in the gallery

The July kit is now available on Just Cre8
Here are my first 3 layouts and i will have 3 cards coming soon and maybe a fourth layout. You can check out the other awesome layouts that were cre8ed by the other awesome DT members in the gallery.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

big changes

Well first off, no big changes in the scrap area that's pretty much the same. BUT stay tuned tomorrow for the reveal of the July kit! it was really out of my comfort zone but i really like what I've done so far with it! Here's a card i did for my husband's birthday last Tuesday. I LOVE how it turned out, it's exactly what i wanted! don't you just love how what you create is how you had envisioned it!

OK now for the big change part. I've changed diapers for Charlie. Since this morning, I am now using the Gdiapers check them out they are totally awesome and so much better for the environnement. I'm horrified to think that my kids diapers (pampers, huggies and such) will still be in our landfill 6 generations from now. Isn't that horrible! Well the gdiapers will break down in the landfills between 50-150 DAYS!!! yes that's right: days. You can also flush them in your toilet or compost them. We don't compost so that's not an option, i was going to do the whole flushing thing (you also don't have the smell of the poopy diaper!) but i don't think my toilets like it very much, they have a tendency to clog very easily. I've had to use my plunger 3X already today. If you go on the website they have videos that show you how easy they are to flush and dispose of. i guess i my toilets are too finicky to flush, i still feel better throwing these away knowing they will break down so much quicker and they are better for mother earth since they are made of all natural products.

Slowly i've been trying to do things a bit "greener", i use phosphate free detergents and recycle a lot more than i use to. But this is a huge change. i'm glad i'm making it. Now to convince they daycare, hopefully they will be all for it!

Tune in tomorrow for my newest Just Cre8 July kit cre8tions!

Friday, June 13, 2008

storm video

OMG! check out this video of tuesday's storm. This was taken in Longueuil on montreal's south shore. I was at work in Candiac (also on the south shore) and it was very similar to this video.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

big storm

So we had a big storm on tuesday, luckily we still have power but my neighbors don't (weird huh?) So i thought i'd share some pictures of the damages we had in our yard. Our house is ok, no damages. the trampoline and swing set are scrapped! it looks like a tree fell on the trampoline but actually the trampoline flew into a tree, our neighbour came over after the storm passed to take it down. I was at work and it was quite a show, i've never seen a storm so bad. during the downpour you couldn't see 20 feet in front of you (outside of course! 'cause we were fine inside! lol!) we finally got the cable-internet-phone today! (we have all three with Videotron!)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

new layout

this is a non-kit layout i did for the SR monthly challenge and a contest on CMK. the lines in the sun are orange glitter and i put some green doodlebug velvet flock on the flowers. i really like the way this turned out. Thanks to Leslie Ash for the inspiration.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

more pics

here are some miscellaneous pictures from our trip to Mexico, the scuba diving we did there and some pictures of the kids taken at the park last week-end. oh yeah and i slipped one in there of me and Tamara (my best friend from junior/high school) from when i went to spend a week-end with her in Ottawa about 1.5 months ago TFL!