Tuesday, March 28, 2006

it's over!

Well that's it...it's over. I no longer work for the people who take me for an idiot. They fired me yesterday because they found out i was looking for another job (on company hours) through an angency. But no matter, it's not the end of the world. It'll give me more time to find another job and i'll be more free to go for interviews.
Don't get me wrong i'm not saying i like getting fired. On the contrary, i hate it. I'd rather leave on my own, but what's done is done and i can't change it now.

On the good side, i'm gonna have a bit of time to go buy my son's summer clothes... :-)

keep you posted

1 comment:

Josée said...

C'est bad...
Sauf que comme tu dis, tu auras plus de chance de te trouver quelque chose qui te plait et avoir plus de temps pour toi.,..
Je te comprend, je veux que mon chum quitte son emploi aussi. Il lui ont donné un horaire de merde pour les 6 prochains mois, et avec ma grossesse, c'est pas acceptable..