Sunday, April 29, 2007

OMG! my bb's gone! only for the day that is. My parents-in-law took Brady for the whole day. I was really worried because he doesn't see them as often as my dad, so i didn't know how he was gonna react. I mean even my dad never took him for a whole day. I was sure he was gonna cry when it was time to leave but he was really good about it. They just left (it's 10am) and they're bringing him back only after supper. In a way it's good because i've got my SU demo this afternoon and Dave is in Quebec city, so i only have to take care of Charlie and my 8 guests. Hopefully it'll be a good demo.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

long time...

oh i know, it's been a while. This will be a short ranting session because it's 1h30am and i'm up! Don't ask...Brady woke up at 12h30 and wanted some water and i couldn't fall back asleep (coughing and a song that is stuck in my head are keeping me awake) I finally finished my antibiotics only to start another cold (hopefully not a sinusitis) On a side note, last week i noticed that Charlie's lower gum has a little line (cut) on the bottom, which means a tooth should be piercing through soon! My Stampin'Up demo is on sunday and i can't wait to see everybody, we will be 9 including me. hopefully i'll get good sales 'cause there are a few things i want!!!

Ok back to bed i go...and try sleep before the kids wake up (Dave is in Qc visiting Emilie)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

100th post!

Unfortunately there is nothing super amazing going on that i can talk about for my 100th post. Charlie isn't very well, he's had a fever since last night and slept all morning from 9am - noon. yesterday was the worst day so far for the little one. He's never had colics (and neither has Brady) so we never had to deal with crying fits. Well poor little thing hasn't pooped in a few days and i guess that yesterday afternoon he had huge cramps 'cause the little guy cried and screamed in pain from 3pm-7pm when he finally fell asleep of exhaustion. i woke him up at 9 to give him a bottle and put him back to bed where he slept until 6h30 this morning. Today seems to be going better so far (toc, toc, toc, knock on wood!) I've been giving him some prune juice and i'm hoping that'll do the trick.

On the other hand i made a layout this week and i just love it.

Here are the layouts and the altered canvas that i submitted for the Just Cre8 design team.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

my page is finally on the Scrapbookerie website to show off the new line of boy papers from
Cloud 9 designs. check it out

TFL!!! it somewhat my first publication.

Friday, April 13, 2007

shopping therapy

so i went out this morning and did a little bit of shopping therapy. i'm still kinda bummed out about the DT but it just means i need to change some of my scrapbooking habits if i want to make one some day. I'll explain in another post some other time. for now this is what i got.

at toys r us: a Dora the explorer Candy Land game.
Babyliscious products: 2 sleep cozy, 1 hooded bath towel, 5 teething bibs, 2 regular bibs, 4 receiving blankets, 2 blankets. Mind you it's not all for Charlie, my friend Melanie just gave birth to a baby boy on the 10th. Congrats Mel!

then off to la Scrapbookerie in Candiac: papers, cardstock, ribbon tape, velvet arrow stickers and velvet letter stickers

then off to Omer De Serres: 4 16x20 canvas, 9 4x4 canvas, 1 10x30 canvas, 4 6x6 canvas, some paint, paintbrushes, flowers and wooden letters to write the name Charles.

no news

No news is not good news in this case. It means i didn't get a place on the DT for Just Cre8.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

what do you think?

of this. Go check it out. if i lost 20lbs to fit in my dress i think i would do it.

ps. 8h48 pm and no phone call from Sue yet. I guess i'm not one of the lucky ones....

today's the day

Today's THE day the girls that got chosen for the Just Cre8 DT will get the call from Sue. I'm crossing my fingers, but realistically not expecting one. I've seen some LO of other girls that i'm pretty sure entered and they're really good. I guess it all depends on what they are looking for.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


i made 2 layouts in the past 2 days. it went quickly 'cause i had sketched them out while waiting at the doctor's office a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunetly the one of me and Brady didn't turn out the way i wanted. While making the page i decided to cut the picture...big mistake, i should've left it 8x12 and bordered on top and bottom with buttons like i originally wanted. But it's too late now, i've cut it and it's done. maybe i'll redo it one day, we'll see.

Monday, April 09, 2007


you remember how i had to go back to the doc last week because my sinus infection had come back. Well the doc prescribed Cifzil which is a cousin of penicillin. I'm allergic to Penicillin, but only 7% of the population with this allergy will have a reaction with it's cousin. Guess what? i'm in that 7%. i woke up this morning with rash and hives all over my body. So off to the clinic i went and now i'm on benedryl for the allergic reaction and a new antibiotic for the sinus infection that was not getting any better with the Cifzil.

Other than that we had a good easter. I hope everyone enjoyed theirs.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Well, here's what's been happening lately. The Just Cre8 website decided to extended the deadline for their Cre8tive Team call. I had wavered a bit when i first read about it because i didn't think i'd have time to finish my projects on time. When i saw they extended it by 1 week i saw it as a sign and decided to apply. The deadline is 11h59 tonight. I sent my application about 30 min ago. I'm happy with the layouts that i submitted and i altered a 20x17 canvas that was lying around my basement. The result of the canvas turned out so much better than i had imagined. They will be making their decision on April 12th, so on the 13th i'll be able to show you my projects.

My mom arrived from F'ton yesterday for the long week-end and i already leaving tomorrow afternoon. At least she got to see Charlie; God knows they grow up so fast! Emilie is also here for the week-end, so today Daphne, Nathalie and Ron came over for a lunch BBQ. Tomorrow is Easter and i'm making a lunch. Obviously my mom and her boyfriend will be there, along with my in-laws, my brother in law and his girlfriend and their 2 year old son. It's gonna be a very noisy house tomorrow, thank goodness for Advil!

Now i'm exhausted so i think i'll go to bed, but first here are a few pictures i took yesterday.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

pics of the day

So last week, i sat Charlie in his Bumbo for the 1st time. they recommend 3-4 months old but he's been holding his head up pretty good for a while so i sit him in for short periods at a time. Of Course, Brady wanted to try it too. He's obviously past the weight limit so i told him that after that one time he wasn't aloud to sit in it. I don't want him to break it.

Today i laid Charlie down on him play mat and he stayed there for a good 30 maybe 40 minutes before being fed up. He also grabbed something for the first time. He's only 2 1/2 months but he's amazing. When he looks at you it's so innocent and so full of love it makes my heart melt.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

misc news

ok so it's been a week already since the last time i posted anything. I started getting sick again last week-end so this week i went back to the doctors and my sinus infection was back so i'm on another round of antibiotics. On friday we went to the movies with some friends. We went to see
300. It was good, lots of blood though, but i like that kind of movie. Not the horror kind, the action/battle kind. And i mean the whole movie was a bunch of men with 12-pack abs and muscular bodies wearing only leather underwear and a cape so it wasn't a brain buster or anything like that. Yesterday we had our first ice cream at DQ....yeah! that means summer's almost here!
This morning Dave left to go to Edmonton, he should be back on wednesday. Next week he's going to Vancouver. Tomorrow i plan on getting a little bit of scrapbooking done....i hope. Speaking of scrapbooking, last monday i went over to Josee's house for a mommy-scrap session with her and Melane. It was so much fun, we all scrapped an easter page and had a wonderful lunch; ceasar salad, garlic cheese bread, lasagna and mixed berry pie with ice cream for dessert....hello the calories!!! but that's ok, it's not like we eat like this everyday! Thanks again Josee for the wonderful day....sorry i'm so late writing about this. here's the layout i did on monday and a few pictures i took during the week.