Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i am so mad!!!

I am so mad. after 3 months the owner of the company comes to see me to check what hours i'm doing and how long of a lunch i take. Then she tells me that i should be working 40/week and not 37.5 So i go see my boss and he starts acting like he doesn't know what i'm talking about, when a few weeks ago i went to see him to get my hours changed from 8h30-5pm to 8h-4h30pm. And i distincly remember stating theses hours out loud to him. Today, he says that he had no idea, he thought i was doing 8-5 like everybody and that i cut 1/2 h on my lunch to finish at 4h30. Now, you have to understand that i work for a very small company. But it infuriates me that he's acting all innocent about this. i told him that i was not ok with 8-5. So now i'm gonna start looking for another job. i have a feeling it's gonna be hard. But i just hate working for the company i'm at now. So i just such a lovely day today.... (hear the sarcasm drippingoff every word)

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