Monday, December 30, 2013


i love birthdays and throwing a party for the kids.  everytime i ask them what theme should we have for your party?  2 years ago my youngest wanted a "rainbow" birthday and last year he wanted a "winter" birthday.  I totally forgot to share some of the pictures of those parties so i finally got around to it before he has his 7th birthday in January (i think it'll be "superheroes" but we're not sure yet)

5th birthday "rainbow" party

here's the overall look of the sweets table.  i used my Silhouette to make the banner.
these are cake donuts in rainbow colors (i used the leftover batter from the cake)

rainbow lollypops!

extra stuff on the table.  oh yeah! did you notice the confettis on the table?  i used different sized paper circle punches to make them.

And now THE CAKE!!!

so very yummy!

6th birthday "winter" party

Igloo cake with a penguin and puffle

wintery marshmallow pops

"melted snowmen" personalized water bottles

white chocolate dipped pretzels (so yummy if you love sweet and salty!)

"snowball" donuts

take home "homemade hot chocolat"

thanks for stopping by!  (i promise to try and be more regular on my postings, i have a whole bunch of yummy cupcakes and crafty goodies that i've made and haven't share with you...i can't wait!)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

photo session with my niece

head on over to my photography blog and check out the photo session i did with my *new* little niece this past summer.  I actually have another session i did after this one that i haven't posted yet...didn't i tell ya?! i'm a procrastinator! but i want to do better in 2014, not as be a better procrastinator but do less procrastinating...hahaha!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

happy holidays!

it's that time of year again!  I hope everyone had a great Christmas with friends and family and lots of TURKEY! 
 X-mas has to be my favorite holiday and i LOVE making X-Mas cards, i think they're my favorite to create.  Here are the cards i sent out this year.  ENJOY!

i totally stole the idea for this card from here

I got inspired by this card for this one

stamps used: Lawn Fawn:  Let it Snow

stamps used: Lawn Fawn: Let it Snow, Winter bunny

stamps used: Lawn Fawn: Making Frosty Friends

stamps used: Lawn Fawn: Winter Sparrows

stamps used: Lawn Fawn: Milo's ABC
i used the DYlusions watercolor technique i learned from this video

and the last card i made last year but i don't think i had shared it so i thought i would since i like it a lot for it's simplicity

thanks for stopping by!