Tuesday, December 16, 2008

changes...lots of changes

Oh my! how time flies! it's already been a month since my last post. I just haven't had time to do anything but catch my breath. i work in customer service for Fruits & Passion and with the holiday season it's been absolutely crazy at work. i deal mostly with US and Canadian independant retailers and everybody's been calling wanting their order yesterday. the phones have been ringing off the hook! thank goodness this week it's calmed down so we have time to catch up on our pending file that has been gaining inches in the last few weeks. I've been feeling very stressed and a bit freaked out about X-mas. don't get me wrong i love X-Mas and this year my mom and her boyfriend AND my sister and her boyfriend are coming in from out of province. so that makes 4 more people staying with us...no problem. the more the merrier right?! but i have been stressing to make sure the house is cleaned up and that i'm not forgetting anything (ie: presents, baking, decorating...) Sunday night, DH tells me his daughter (who we were supposed to have at New Years this year) told him she wanted to come over for X-Mas instead; ok...i think i can find room to sleep everybody....

ok now here for the big changes. It is with great regret that i resigned from the Just Cre8 design team. i just didn't have enough time to dedicate to this great site. I want to thank Sue for everything she did for me and the other crew members for being so great. check out what they did with the January kit that was revealed yesterday...they totally rocked it! i love the dandylion things (must find out what they are...)

My good friend Melanie has started this new challenge blog and has asked me to be a part of her first design team. It's called Mix it Up and every week there'll be different kinds of challenges called mixers. Check it out she launched it yesterday and it looks great (guess who made the banner and blinkies...yup that's me! so cool that she asked me right?!) she has assembled a kick ass DT and i can't wait to work with them. we are split up in two team and each team has an assignment in alternating weeks. so this is perfect for me right now...i can still work with a great team but have a lighter load with longer deadlines. Thanks Mel for asking me to be a part of this!

alrighty now, i have to go wrap some presents and continue making some peanut butter balls...i think they're gonna take me 3 evenings to make but they will be sooooo yummy when i'm done!

i'll be back soon i promise ( at least i'll try, my guests are arriving on saturday, yikes!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

December kit revealed!

This kit is so awesome!!! I didn't have much time to do much (life is crazy busy these days), but i'm planning a few cards.

you can check out the great kit Sue put together on Just Cre8

My dear friend Melanie has a really fun project she's putting together and i can't wait for her to reveal it... (*wink*wink*) stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

OMG this is funny!

being francophone and having grown up in New-Brunswick with Acadians, this video clip of Toy Story (Histoire de Toy as they call it) really brought back some fun memories from my childhood.
and yes it's true; Acadians really talk this way. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sing with me...

"I'm a big boy now!"
Brady is finally without a pull-up at night. Here's how it happened.
For the last few weeks he would get up in the morning and his pull-up was dry, i could hear him get up during the night to go pee, so i knew that soon he would be good to take off the pull-up. last friday before he put on his pj's i asked him if he wanted to not wear his pull-up that night. This is how the conversation went:

Brady: "hummm no, no i wanna wear a pull-up"
Me: "ok, sweetie that's fine, you tell me when you're ready"

then on monday night when i told him to get his pj's on and his pull up we had this conversation:
Me: "Brady get your pj's on and your pull-up"
Brady: " no. no pull-up, juste mes culottes (just my underwear)"
M: " no pull-up?"
B: " no, juste mes culottes"
M: "you're sure."
B: "yes"
M: "ok sweetie"

and guess what?! we're thursday and there hasn't been an accident yet. cross my fingers, knock on wood! i told him if he did a whole week he would get a surprise.

i am so proud of him!!! it took so long for him be clean during the day, i wasn't worried i knew it would happen when he was ready.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brady is four!

well actually he'll be four on wednesday but we had his birthday party on saturday. all in all it was a success. here are a few photos.

these last two are pics i took tonight, just having fun with my camera and Brady. he's so photogenic! i really love how these turned out and i barely made any modifications to them.
the reveal of the November kit is coming up in just a couple of days, check back soon!

Friday, September 26, 2008


i'm still here. i know, i know i've been absent quite a bit lately. Life has just been hectic, nothing special really but just busy and blogging was the last thing on my mind, even checking out my friend's blogs has been put on hold. i did my rounds this morning but it'd been about 2 weeks or so.

Here's my latest LO. i did it last night, it's for the Leave your Legacy weekly challenges at Just Cre8.

I'll be posting weekly cre8ive prompts starting this sunday so check out our forum regularly! Just Melanie is starting a scraplift tag and we've got our 2nd Annual "Revive & Rejuven8" Fall Crop!! coming up on October 17th to the 19th. come join us for some great tutorial, online classes, challenges and games!

here are a few pages that i've done and for some reason (I think it's because i was too lazy to take pictures) the first one i'm only showing you a small part of it because i want to try and get it published so i'm not showing it now, but it's my fav!

you guessed it, the layout is the focus of my latest obssession! LOL!

these next three are my submissions for the Fancy Pants DT application - no luck for me but congrats to my Just Cre8 fellow DT member who got a spot on their DT AND she was picked one of the Making Memories Masters 2009!!! congrats Ronda!

And these last 2 are just because. the first is a house that was in Cap Pele, i swear if we could find a house like that around here, we'd buy it in a heart beat (and i also sent it for the Sassafrass Lass DT call - no luck either)

and this LO has been made for quite some time now. i just thought it was missing something but after almost 3-4 months i still can't figure out what's missing so i'll consider it done.

thanks for stoping by!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oct Kit revealed!

so sorry i'm late posting this. the wonderful JC8 October kit was revealed on the 15th.

Check out the gallery for other yummy layouts from the team; they really rocked this kit!

here are my first 2 creations with this kit. I have a Leave your Legacy challenge planned for the 26th with this kit, check back later!

thanks for stoping by!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

i'm still here

my mom called the other day to check if something had happened to me since i hadn't updated my blog in quite some time. Don't worry...i'm still here i've just been very wrapped up in the Twilight saga.

Is it wrong to be so consumed by fictional characters, Edward especially...

i'm about 200 pages away from finishing the last book so i'll be back to posting more regularly. I've got some unseen layouts to show you and just received the October kit from Just Cre8!

BTW, my "moi" layout has been published in this months Canadian Scrapbooker. i'm so happy! my first pub!

i also just came back from visiting my friend Melanie and her new baby Brianna. what an angel! Mel has awesome pictures on her blog. It was nice to finally meet Danika and Dan, both super nice! We scrapped a bit and talked alot! she totally "gets" me on how this series is because she's reading too. you can see the trailer of the first book; Twilight. Here

be back soon, i promise!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

September kit is here!!!

The Just Cre8 September kit has been revealed. You can see it in all it's yumminess here.

in the meantime here are 3 of my creations so far. i have another one planned for a LYL (leaving your legacy) challenge that i will be posting on Sept 5th. In the meantime, you can see here for the other challenges that have been posted so far from the other girls.

Yesterday i spent the evening at Claude's house to scrap a little. Thanks my dear i had a blast! Noemi came to spend the evening with us, she didn't scrap, she was busy finishing up the decoration on some hairpins for her wedding on Sunday, well tomorrow. I hope they have really good weather.
I had time to make 1 layout and 1 card. i think i want to put a few finishing touches on my layout, but once i'm happy with it, i'll post it.

thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

i wanted to wish my friend Melanie and her family a big Congratulations of the arrival of their little girl Brianna.

Congrats my friend! i can't wait to meet the little angel in person!
Here are some pics from the cottage.

this is the view from our deck

the right side of the beach, it looks as though there were lots of rocks but there was a decent amount of sand. there was a lot of seaweed but that didn't seem to bother the kids. the water was very cold so we didn't really go swimming but we did walk along the edge of the water.

this is the cottage we rented.

Brady going towards the left side of the beach

charlie walking on the beach

and this has got to be my favorite picture of the whole week. I took this one on one of our morning walks, as you can tell it was quite windy.

on a scrap note, i decided to apply to the Fancy Pants DT. i know my chances are slim to none, but i figure it's part of the whole process. If i want my name out there, i have to put it out there right?!

I also received my september Just Cre8 DT kit. i've already done 1 layout. i can't wait to show you, i think you will like the kit.

My friend Michelle came over yesterday and we cropped all day long. i did this little project with the august kit, i did 1 layout for the FP DT call and a layout for JC8.

here's the little project (the others you'll see in due time)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

latest layouts

Sorry i'm still having problems uploading my pics from the trip (maybe they're too big, i'll have to resize them)

in the meantime, i realized that i had forgotten to post the layouts for the August kit. so here you go! and i still have 1 project to do before the end of the month.

and this one is not part of the kit, but i made it with some stuff out of my stash (that is not used enough) it's with a picture i took of Brady on one of our morning walks on the beach (this is my favorite photo of the whole week)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

back from vacation

ok so i was away on vacation and that's why it's been a long time since i posted. i've been back for a week but it was just so hard to get back into the everyday beat of things AND it was super busy at the office.

We spent a week at a cottage in Cap Pele, NB. we were 200 feet from the ocean, it was great! Although we did really get great sunny weather the whole week, most days it would rain at least once during the day or if was really cloudy and cool (that didn't stop us from going down to the beach and play in the sand). We did however get 1 1/2 days of sunny, hot weather.

We left on friday night after work and slept in Riviere-du-Loup. Saturday, we had to meet up with the ex in St-Leonard, NB to pick up Emilie. Then we drove to Fredericton, spent a few hours at my mom's and Gerard's house. Gerard made really yummy roasted chicken on the BBQ and strawberry shortcakes for desert! yummmmm............ We got to meet Gerard's boys and their wife (son)/girlfriend. It was a good coincidence because Ghislain and Fiona live in Halifax and they just happened to come down for a last minute visit. Yves and Chantal live in the same neighbourhood. It's a small world i went to high school with the boys. Ghislain was 1 year below me and Yves was in my sister's grade. So after supper we drove to Cap Pele, about a 2 1/2 hour drive. The cottage was nice and cozy. it had 3 bedrooms so we each had our own (the boys shared theirs).

on a side note, can i just say thank goodness for portable DVD players. i don't know how are parents ever traveled when we were young.

Since the weather wasn't that nice we had daily outings; we went to Moncton and spent a day at Crystal Palace (indoor amusement park) and Chapters. We did a day at Moncton's Magnetic Hill Zoo, we went in to Shediac almost on a daily basis. We also went to Hopewell Rocks which is between Moncton and Saint-John. And of course on the day it was really nice we went to Parlee beach in Shediac. On Friday my mom and Gerard spent the day at the cottage with us and stayed overnight on the pull out couch, we left the next morning to come back to MTL. We dropped Emilie off in QC city and got home at 9h30 or 10, i don't remember.

Can i just say Cap Pele is a really nice little town, we'd love to own a cottage/small house with an ocean view there as a future retirement place.

I really got to enjoy some "good" alone time with Brady. Every morning he would wake up at about 6 - 6h30 and since the cottage he would've woken everybody up so me and him would go down for a walk on the beach. i brought my camera a few times and Brady and I took some pictures. My favorite picture of him is one that i took one of those mornings. Can i just tell you he took some really decent, even nice, pictures for a 3 1/2 year old!
Here are some pics from the trip:

ok, i keep getting an error so i'll post some pics tomorrow.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

ok so i know i haven't posted lately....sorry.
On tuesday it was the reveal of the Just Cre8 August kit. You can see it here. I'm at work now so i can't show you my layouts for the reveal because i'm at work right now,but i promise i'll post them tonight. If you want to see the wonderful cre8ions from all the DT members go see here.

last saturday my friend Claude came over to help me purge my scrap stuff. We went to IKEA to buy these shelves. unfortunately the room isn't done yet but i'll post some pictures when everything is all tidy and organized. Thanks Claude! really it wouldn't have been as much fun without you!

This morning Charlie had his 18 month old vaccins. He was so great! didn't cry at all.
on that note, my lunch hour is up and i have to get back to work!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

new look

As you can see i've revamped the look of my blog. i hope you like it!
also i just received my September kit from Just Cre8, it's really yummy~ so i'll be scrapping up a storm soon!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Help me wish Paper Trunk a happy 1st birthday! visit there blog here and see the awesome challenges they have going on!

Monday, June 30, 2008

unseen revealed

i went up to Ottawa to visit my best friend, Tamara. If you remember in an earlier post i said that there were 2 layouts and a card that i couldn't show you in case that person checked out my blog, well it was T and since i gave her the layouts and card this w-e i can finally share them with you.

the first layout: "Mackenzie" was made for a gift to one of her friends. i'm totally in love with this layout and would've loved to keep it but alas that was not an option. trust me the picture really does not do it justice, it's so much nicer IRL!

this layout is about T's tattoo she got in remembrance of her father, LWP are his initials. He was a great man. (and an awesome softball coach!)

and well T got hurt on the musical ride a few weeks ago so i made her this get well card. She's damn lucky i love her because i really wanted to keep this card! LOL! i just really love the way it turned out (don't you just love October Afternoon!)

so that's that! tomorrow we're off because of Canada Day. all i know is that i get to sleep in! yay!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

scrap results from crop and life update

So i've had a pretty crazy last week. This is what's been happening and considering i was at home i don't know why i didn't post sooner.

so last monday my dh was admitted to the hospital for having a very swollen knee due to an extreme amount of creatin in his system due to muscle overexhaustion. His body was not eliminating it like it should've and was potentially dangerous for his kidneys so he spend monday-wednesday at the hospital under observation. Monday night after visiting him at the hospital Brady started having a fever and throwing up, that lasted until wednesday AND Charlie got hand-foot-mouth disease. so last week i was at work on monday and on friday. Saturday i went to the monthly crop at Scrapbook Centrale. My friend Melanie and her friend Wendy came down from Ottawa, it was really nice to get to crop with them, Mel is such a big source of inspiration for me; i love her stuff and seeing her just create with such ease was so awesome! I got to crop with my good friend Claude again, i just love what she does but somehow i can't seem to recreate that style and she's a great sounding board when i'm not sure about something. (we should definately get together more often, we have a project we want to do...) Afterwards we went to Starbucks for coffee, ok i had a Chai Latte because at that hour (10h30pm) if i had had coffee i wouldn't fallen asleep before 3am! i did get to be only at 1am but i got to sleep in the next morning.

Today was a Quebec holiday so no work! Dh and I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda, it was really good!!! i recommend it!!!

so i leave you with 2 of my 4 layouts. I can't show you the other 2 because they are for my friend Tamara and just in case she checks out my blog i wouldn't was to ruin the surprise. i think they are totally rockin' and i can't wait to share them!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

July Kit is here!!!

The July kit is now available on Just Cre8
Here are my first 3 layouts and i will have 3 cards coming soon and maybe a fourth layout. You can check out the other awesome layouts that were cre8ed by the other awesome DT members in the gallery

The July kit is now available on Just Cre8
Here are my first 3 layouts and i will have 3 cards coming soon and maybe a fourth layout. You can check out the other awesome layouts that were cre8ed by the other awesome DT members in the gallery.