Saturday, July 21, 2007

new page

ok so last night i was inspired and did this page on Brady. it turned out pretty much like i had envisioned in my head...isn't it great when that happens!!!

Rockin' girl blogger

Wow! j'viens de voir que Sabee
m'a aussi nominer pour une Rockin' girl Blogger.....Tu m'fais tout chaud au coeur!!! Merci!

moi je nomine:

Nika (Melanie): parce-que j'adore lire son blog et elle fait tellement des belles creations

IzzyB: une photographe qui est bourrer de talent, c'est incroyable!

JosieSensi: car j'adore lire son blog (elle fait ses mises a jour presque quotidienement!) et c'est une bonne chum pis une rockin' mama

Melane1976: une autre rockin' mama et scrapbookeuse extraordinaire

Sabee: une fille super sympatique et bourrer de talent

J'adore vous lire regulierement les filles!

i;ve been tagged!

Well i've been tagged by Sabee and i have to tell you 7 truths about myself. Ok here goes nothing:
1- I often lack confidence in myself (that's not a good thing, i really need to work on that)

2- I don't deal with stress that well. (usually when i start a new job, i'll end up crying in the bathroom at least once in the first week, it's just my way of dealing with things)

3- I'm a very emotional person (with a temper, sometimes i think i should take some anger management classes)

4- I love baking (my friend Michelle has refered to me as a Martha Stewart!) i don't think so...

5- I want the house to be clean and organized but can't seem to get it done. I've always been a little bit of a slob i guess you could say. Although i have gotten a lot better in the past years.

6- I love children's animated movies (Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Aladdin, the little Mermaid...)

7- I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, i own and read all the book anywhere between 3 - 6 times each and i own all the movies.

So i'm tagging....this is hard pretty much everybody i know has been tagged already...
Daniele, DouceCoralie, Claude (Imzadi), Caro

Thursday, July 19, 2007

yesterday's crop

So yesterday morning my and Charlie had a doctor's appointment. Can you believe he now weighs 16.7 lbs?! He's sitting up extreamly well for his age. Oh Shit! his vaccin appointment is in 10 min! gotta go!................................................OK i'm back. We were about 5 min late! He did that very well, whimpered a little but that was all. He's such a good baby this one!

So as i was saying, we had a doc appt yesterday morning then off to Josie's house for her weekly crop with the girlz! (Sabee, Melane, Amelie and MissKarine) I had so much fun, too bad i had to leave so early. I got lucky on the way back though; i took the Mercier bridge and everybody knows that it's the lights, once you get across, that slow you down. I told myself red lights don't exist. And guess what?! i got 1 out of 12 lights that was red. Pretty good eh?

Anyways, i don't know how i feel about the page i did. I mean now i like it, it's nice but i still feel like there's something missing. I have to stop comparing myself to others because it hinders my creativity. I felt intimidated yesterday with all those talented girls and i just couldn't get anything out. the creativity wasn't coming. I do however want to thank Sabee for guiding me in the right direction on using my stripe of pp with the butterfly ribbon and for giving me the jewel crown to cover up the water droplets that fell on my picture. I also want to thank Karine for giving me the flowers and the clear buttons, it was very generous of you. Melane, you're always such a nice girl and fun to chat with i enjoyed sitting next to you and Loick is so cute and full of life (and i mean that in a good way!) Amelie, i can 't wait to see your page completly finished, when i left it was already looking amazing. and Josie, thank you for you generosity and hospitality. The food and the company were great, can't wait to crop with you next week!

i took a picture of the layout so that you could see the stix2 foil (it doesn't show up very well on a scan, i really do love this product)

pics of the zoo

ok so here we go again, i hope they can load this time. As you can see i had more fun taking pics of the animals than the kids!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

last creation

i did this one yesterday afternoon. DH was so nice he took Brady and Emilie out for a couple of hours so i could get some scrapping done. Thanks D! the scan is a little sucky, the colors are much more vibrant IRL and on top of the page there is also a white stripe of paint that i sanded off the pp. TFL!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

bla, bla, bla...

Ok, so last time i came to chit chat i told you that my car was declared a total loss by the insurance company. So when i came back from my mom's i sent all the papers and waited to know how much they would give me for the car. So here we are driving up to l'Annonciation to a friend's chalet last tuesday when i finally get the call from the ins. What they are gonna give me is enough to cover what was left on my car loan and i'll be able to put a cash down on a new one. While we were at the chalet we had some bad temperature (rain) so we couldn't go swimming in the lake or play outside so we took a drive to Mont-Tremblant. We happened to drive by the KIA dealer and decided to stop and see. Well I bought a CAR. The service was really great, they had everything financial done in a couple of hours and then all that was left was getting the car at the dealers. the next day when we drove back home we stopped by the KIA and picked up the car. Everything was done in approx 28hrs, and the people there were really great! I guess you are all wondering what I bought??? Well for practical purposes we needed something a little bigger because when Emilie is here whe was pretty much squished between 2 car seats. So i got the Rondo EX Premium 7 passenger. It's great because when she's not there i can just put down the last row of seats and have a decent sized trunk and when she's there i just put down 1 seat and still have room for the strollers. I got it in charcoal and it's already dirty!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!

On tuesday we went to the Granby ZOO, it was very hot and humid but we had lots of fun anyways. I got some great animal shots with my zoom lens. And i'd really love to load a picture but the system keeps giving me an error. I'll post it later.

Oh yeah ! Charlie is now sitting on his own. OK so he still falls over but he can stay sitting for a good 10-15 min at a time!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

last layouts

ok so finally, here are the layouts i did at my mom's house a couple of weeks ago. they are all done with the new Love Elsie paper collection. i have submitted a few to some mags and i'm really hoping to get published this year. i think my pages are getting better and better every time. ok so i'm trying to make myself feel good, but i also told myself that i'd try and keep a positive outlook on everything from now on!


j'ai pu faire un peu de scrap. C'a fait 2 ou 3 semaines que je voulais faire le challenge du nouveau blog freestyle Quebec. Alors voici, c'etait un layout 6 x12. et pour une fois je l'ai fait en francais.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


So the boys went for haircuts on friday morning. Let's just say they were both due. Charlie's only 5 months and i didn't want to cut his hair, but i must say i really didn't have a choice, strangers were starting to tell me how beautiful my "daughter" was. see for yourselves. Now he really looks like a boy, and i'm still not used to the new look. I find Brady's hair is also a little too short but it will grow out fast enough. Oh ya! and can you believe he's only 5 months and sitting in that little car with no one holding on to him?! i did have to steady him after a while but he sat by himself most of the time.

this is fun!

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