Wednesday, March 08, 2006

one of those days....

Have you ever had one of those days. Well i've been having one of those weeks (past couple of them actually) It's work. I'm really not motivated to go in, and i'm really tired all the time. In french we say "écoeurantite aigue" which means you're extreamly fed up. I'm just hanging in there because i have, hopefully 1 year to go, after which i'll be home with our second child. There are some good points (salary, liberty with my schedule (to a certain point) ) I guess this is why i'm hanging in there. Some days I REALLY, REALLY don't feel like going in. And to top it off, my recording of the Amazing Race didn't work last night, so I missed it!

Well I guess I should start work now.
talk to you all soon.


Josie said...

Allo Isabelle,,,
Le lien pour le counter c'est :

Merci pour ton lien de bébé, j'irai voir ça dès mon retour de vacances,,

Et je visiterai ton site plus en profondeur !!

Melanie said...

Hey there girl! Been a while, just getting used to my new environment, I miss Vancouver like crazyyy! Got a full time job at Re/Max, and I'm liking it! I actually got to ride in the Re/Max hot air balloon! It was pretty cool! My hubby is gone to Afghanistan, and I'm holding the fort. Going to Thailand at the end of the month, and I'll be sure to send out some pics! I think your blog is a great idea! Keep in touch! and take care!