Sunday, March 19, 2006

week-end update

like,almost, every friday night for the past 3 years we rented a movie. This time it was "A history of violence" with Viggo Mortenson. I really liked it. i recomment it, but it is a drama so unless your in the mood for something serious, it might not be a good choice. It reminds me of when "Punch Drunk Love" came out at the cinema, my husband and I went to see it. A few rows in front of us was a family with 2 kids of the ages 7-8 and 9-10. They must've thought it was a typical Adam Sandler movie, because 20 min in they left. Well you know what, they really should've read the synopsis of the movie first.
On Saturday i went to an all-day crop at Scrapbook Centrale with Michelle, i had so much fun. I made 7 pages (they're 8 1/2 x 11, I usually scrap 12 x 12) unfortunetly i'm not done this project and i can't show you any of them yet because it's for a surprise for my husband and i don't want to take the chance that he might actually check out my blog once in a while. After i give it to him, i'll post them. But it was so fun to meet some of the people I see on the SB Centrale forum.

Of course i went to bed late and got up early because my son didn't sleep much this morning. I'm a little tired so i think i'll go to bed early tonight.

Isa xx

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Anonymous said...

Isabelle, I just love reading your blog. Your scrapbook is really nice. Congradulation for your 4 pounds loss, i will try it too.

Luv...Dad xx