Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i'm back

ok so we got back on sunday night, my hubby drove down on friday to pick us up. Here are a few pics taken during the trip.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!j'ai hate de pouvoir mettre des photos sur mon blog!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

update on the accident

Well i finally got a call from the insurance company regarding the damage on my car and the girl tells me that after having had the car inspected they were declaring it as a TOTAL LOSS!!! you can imagine my surprise... from the outside the damage doesn't look that extensive but i guess the frame got damaged. i'm going to get all of my stuff out of the car later and i'll take pics so you can see. So because of this my husband will drive down on friday or saturday to pic us up. Thank you sweetie!!!

On another note i've created more pages in the last 1 1/2 weeks then i have in the last month or so. the new papers from the Love Elsie collection are great, they've brought me back to jr and high school when i used to doodle a lot. I've made 1.5 layout in the last 90 min, i think that's a record for me!!! Her stuff is really out there and won't be for everybody and i tought i'd have problems working with them but they really inspired me and i'm in a good groove. So far i've done 3.5 layouts and 3 cards while i've been here! Wou! Hou!

Monday, June 18, 2007

creative juices flowing

i've made 2 thank you cards for the ladies that lent us the stroller and the playpen (so Charlie would sleep somewhere) and i've also made 2 layouts, a third will be started tonight probably, with the new papers from the Love Elsie line. Can't wait to go back home so i can scan them and show you!

Friday, June 15, 2007

talk about BAD luck!

Yesterday, my mom and I went out to run some errands with the kids in tow. First stop at the LSS to exchange a defective stamp i bought the day before then off to Chapters. My mom had to buy a book for her bookclub and i bought a grande Frappuccino Dulch de la Leche for my mom and got myself a grande iced peppermint mocha... i had been looking foward to this all week!!! We drive back home with the coffees in a tray on my mom's knees, i stop at my mom's driveway and signal to turn left (i had to wait because there were oncoming cars) when I look into my rearview mirror and notice that the car behind my is not slowing down at all! "Oh Shit! this guy's not stopping!!!" said the little voice in my head. "Oh non! Oh non!" out loud (but i don't remember saying it, my mom said that's what i had said) I take my foot off the break and start to do an emergency maneuver to move but too late. The guy hit us dead center in the rear. I put the car in N and pull on the emergency break, get out of the car and go to the back to get Charlie who is crying (he's the first one that started crying, it took Brady a few minutes but when the initial shock left he started crying too), my mom does the same on her side to get Brady out. My hands are shaking so bad i can barely get the harness off Charlie to get him out. So we crossed the street to where the witnesses were and a lady that lives in my mom's block called the police, they came took our statments and filled out a report. The man hit us so hard that the car leaped foward at least 8 feet, because i was totally passed the driveway. It was and old man of about 70+ and he at least had the decency to pull over into the side street, but when he got out of the car he didn't even know what had just happened. The nice man that was behind him also stuck around as a witness and he saw that my blinker to turn was on. Good, 'cause i was starting to doubt myself if i had put it on or not, but he swears that he saw it on.

So now my car is at the garage waiting for the evaluator from the insurance company, I have a nice rental car from Enterprise, and i'll be in F'ton for probably another week. Hopefully not longer, not that i don't like being here but my poor husband is all alone at home and i miss him and i'm sure the kids miss him too. The sad thing is we son't be there for Father's day. Everybody is OK, jsut a little sore. Me it's especially my neck and back, but not really worst than before, i just hope it won't show up later.

Looks like i'll have an extra special adventure to include in my road trip scrapbook album I was making.

Oh yeah! You can imagine what happened to the coffees on my mom's lap...

Friday, June 08, 2007

made it in one piece

I made it in one piece to Fredericton. The drive went very well, for those who don't know, i drove down to my mom's with the two boys. we left at 7h20 am and arrived in Fredericton at 6h pm so we made it in 11 hours with 10 stops along the way for bottles, running, diaper changes, snacks and lunch. When i get back home i'll post some pictures because i forgot my cable to download my pictures... oops! Hopefully the drive back will be just as good.

While i'm here i'm planning on seeing a couple of friends from high school, visiting and taking pictures of the city and i'm gonna try to scrapbook a little...i didn't bring all my stuff for nothing!