Thursday, November 04, 2010

Still alive ....

I'm still here... Unfortunately i didn't have Time to come update my blog before now. Last wednesday something very unfortunately happened to us. I came Home with the kids to find our House filled with smoke. We had a fire in the basement, so lots of fire and Water damage and smoke damage through out the whole house. Good thing was that we weren't Home, however our dog, Cosmo, was in his cage at the time and died from the smoke. I didn't post this before cause you never know who reads these things, i don't want anyone breaking in to take stuff, although i don't know why anyone would, everything Stinks of smoke. But now that everything gas bene taken out of the house i wanted to share. So as you CAN imagine i won't be able to post any crafty/scrapbooking/stamping projects anytime Soon since i don't havé any materials to working with AND my priorities are taking care of my Family. I hope that you, my followers, will stick with me until i get back on my feet.

When i get m'y laptop back (i'm using hubby's iPad)I'll download the pics i took with m'y iPhone and share them with you.

Keep crafting!