Thursday, October 23, 2008

sing with me...

"I'm a big boy now!"
Brady is finally without a pull-up at night. Here's how it happened.
For the last few weeks he would get up in the morning and his pull-up was dry, i could hear him get up during the night to go pee, so i knew that soon he would be good to take off the pull-up. last friday before he put on his pj's i asked him if he wanted to not wear his pull-up that night. This is how the conversation went:

Brady: "hummm no, no i wanna wear a pull-up"
Me: "ok, sweetie that's fine, you tell me when you're ready"

then on monday night when i told him to get his pj's on and his pull up we had this conversation:
Me: "Brady get your pj's on and your pull-up"
Brady: " no. no pull-up, juste mes culottes (just my underwear)"
M: " no pull-up?"
B: " no, juste mes culottes"
M: "you're sure."
B: "yes"
M: "ok sweetie"

and guess what?! we're thursday and there hasn't been an accident yet. cross my fingers, knock on wood! i told him if he did a whole week he would get a surprise.

i am so proud of him!!! it took so long for him be clean during the day, i wasn't worried i knew it would happen when he was ready.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brady is four!

well actually he'll be four on wednesday but we had his birthday party on saturday. all in all it was a success. here are a few photos.

these last two are pics i took tonight, just having fun with my camera and Brady. he's so photogenic! i really love how these turned out and i barely made any modifications to them.
the reveal of the November kit is coming up in just a couple of days, check back soon!