Thursday, March 15, 2007

we had a busy week, Brady stayed home with me last tuesday and wednesday 'cause he had thrown up at daycare on monday...i was sick with a really bad sinus infection. he went to daycare on thursday and came home with impetigo, so friday we went to the clinic. Dave was in Quebec city on saturday and sunday because it was his daughter's birthday, so i was home alone with the two kids. I kept Brady home on monday because my friend was visiting with her daughter Lia who is the same age and on tuesday we had to go back to the doctors for a follow-up to the impetigo. Not to sound mean but i was glad he was back in daycare yesterday. I had my gyno's appt (the one after you give birth) so while i was in Boucherville i picked up the valance i had ordered for Charlie's room. Clement had called me about a month ago and i still hadn't gone! And today i had Charlie's 2 month doctor's appt in the morning and in the afternoon we had the first "stimulation" class which we had to leave early to go get his first vaccine! He cried a little after (which is very understandable) but it didn't last more than a minute. OUF!!! what a busy week so far, and tomorrow i decided to go to Scrapbook Centrale to go buy the materials i'm gonna need for my first class. Since there is a crop on saturday i don't want to take the chance of getting there on tuesday and there won't be what i need. So while i'm in the west island i'm gonna go visit my old gang at Tyco (or whoever's left...)
And tomorrow night i'm going cropping at la Scrapbookerie in Candiac. Should be fun, let's just say i haven't had much time to crop lately. i started working on a page yesterday but it's only in the beginning stages. My best friend Tamara might be coming down for a visit from Ottawa this week-end but she wasn't sure yet, i'm still waiting for her confirmation. I hope she does, i love spending time with her and we don't do it often enough!

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