Thursday, March 08, 2007

March 8th 2007

good news and bad news...good news is i went to Cheezz photography on Tuesday to get the pictures done with Charlie and i already have access to them on their website so i can start choosing which ones i want. Bad news; Monday Brady was sick at daycare, threw up 3x within 45min before i picked him up, threw up in my car and once at home. After that he was fine, had toast and lots of water and didn't get sick again. But because he threw up i had to keep him home for 48 hours in case it was the flu. Also I've been sick since Monday night. I've had a soar throat for the past week or so and this week-end i was almost gone. I thought i was getting better, but on Monday night it hit me like a freight train! Unbelievable fever, soar throat, mega headache, mucus running down my throat (explains the soar throat!) and my ears are clogged up. Can't breath, Can't sleep, indirectly i'm keeping my husband awake. Yesterday i felt like Shit! and i had both kids home, thank god for DVD's it kept Brady quiet. Last night i finally dragged my ass to the clinic and just as i suspected i've got a sinus/ear/throat infection. So the doc gave me antibiotics, which i started last night, and i already feel a little better. I finally started reading Kathy Reichs latest book "Break no bones" and i'm almost done, 6 chapters left (i'll probably finish them today) .

Scrapbooking has taken a little back seat for now, until i feel better. Then i've got to finish preparing my classes.

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