Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I finally got it!!!

My Canon Rebel XTi!!! i'm so happy! i told myself i'd buy it only when i'd have all the money (i have 1/2 saved up) but it was on sale at L.L.Lozeau so i went to Future Shop and they matched the price -10% of the difference and i put it on the Future Shop credit card and got 3 months no payments, no interest. By the time i get my first invoice i'll probably have the whole amount cash, and if not i'll be damn close.

i tried it tonight and it's unbelievable how fast it takes the pictures. it's great!!! i can't wait to do a little photo session with Charlie and Brady.

Here's a layout i did for the scrapbooking classes i'll be giving. i asked my friend Josee if i could use this picture of her and her daughter Maeva. She was gracious enough to say yes. Encore un gros merci Josee!!!


JoSie SenSi said...

Félicitation pour ta REBEL!! Whouaaaa!!!
J'ai pas mal hâte de voir tes sessions photos!
Et.. belle page de scrap!! :)
Merci d'aimer notre photo :)

À quand un crop? J'm'ennuie de toi !!!!! :)

Daniele said...

Bienvenue dans le club des Rebels, tu vas adorer! hehehehehe. J'adore la photo de Charlie avec son petit singe! vraiment trop cute!