Friday, March 09, 2007

Bad luck!

wow talk about bad luck, last week Charlie had really bad, dry and scaly skin on his face and head, and now Brady has Impetigo! Yesterday morning he had 1 red dot on his cheek, i didn't think anything of it. When he got back home from daycare he had a rash on half his face and when he woke up this morning it was all over. Thank goodness for my dad. Thanks Dad!!! i called him at 6am and he came right over. I went directly to the clinic and was lucky to be 7th in line, so once the docs started seeing patients we didn't have to wait too long. at 10h30 i was back home just in time for my dad to leave and go to work (he's working at noon) here's a picture of Brady's face, poor kid he looks like he's in his teens with a really bad case of acne!

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JoSie SenSi said...

Pôvre ti-minou!!! :(
J'ai bin bin hâte de voir les photos de chez Cheeez avec Charlie!