Thursday, December 07, 2006

pregnancy update

I had my latest doctor's appointment yesterday, and good news everything is fine. I'm at 35 1/2 weeks and I'm 1cm dialated and effaced at 50%.....don't panic! The same thing happened with my first pregnancy, i was like that for 4 weeks.

On another note, Dave has been gone to Winnipeg again this week (he wasn't supposed to be gone, but problems arrised that could lose them the contract so he had to go). Since he was supposed to be home all week i had booked my nail appointment on monday and my hairdresser appointment on wednesday. Well thank heavens my dad lives nearby and that he was on vacation this week, he was able to come bb-sit Brady. Tonight we're gonna go have supper at his new apartment and this week-end he's bb-sitting Brady because we have Dave's x-mas party in Tremblant and we're sleeping there on Saturday.....yeah!!! i'll get to sleep in on Sunday morning!

I went festive for my coloring, i got my regular blond highlights and i added some Fushia...I just love it, but unfortunetly it doesn't last very long.

Oh yeah and we have a virus in our computer at home! Trojan virus! Last time that happened we had to reformat the whole hardrive and i was out of a computer for almost a month! That can't happened i won't be working anymore, how will i keep in contact with people!!!!

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