Tuesday, December 19, 2006

it's almost x-mas!!!

Well it's almost X-mas and i had told myself that i'd try and rest after i stopped work. That kinda hasn't happened yet. I've been baking cookies, pies and tourtieres. I've been scrapbooking a little (which is more than usual) and of course i've been finishing up my x-mas shopping.

Yesterday was fun and relaxing. I went to visit my friend Josee (JosieSensi) another scrapbooker. I had lots of fun, we had lunch and i finally met in person her 2 month old daughter Maeva, that is sooooo cute and adorable. We chit-chatted all day and it was nice not to be running around. We'll definetly have to do that again.

Today i went to Tyco to have lunch with Danielle. It's nice seeing the people that are still working there. I also went to Fairview to pick up my husband's Kernal BBQ popcorn. I tell you he's spoiled. I go all the was across the island every x-mas to get him some. (there's no Kernels on the south shore) And of course i stopped by Scrapbook Centrale (double stamp day!!!) Well i needed some rub-on monograms to finish up the book i did for Brady's educatrice. It's finally finished and i hope she'll like it. Later tonight i'll scan it and post the pictures.

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JoSie SenSi said...

J'ai eu aissi énormément de plaisir avec toi! On se reprend :)
En passant, jeudi je serai à la Scrapbookerie de laval pour cropper :)

J'ai aussi fait un stop chez SC aujourd'hui! On s'est manqué !

Superbe ton album!!