Wednesday, December 13, 2006

NOT again....

Oh boy, I hope tonight's a fluke and this won't become regular. It's 1 in the morning and i'm up with heartburn. With Brady's pregnancy this is something that happened on an almost daily basis during the last 2 months. Hopefully this is only because i ate 2 toast right before bed.

little virus update, my husband fixed it really quick this time. He figured since i'd be home i'd probably want to use the man.

I'll soon post some pregnancy don't despair.

off i go to try and get some shut eye....night night!

1 comment:

JoSie SenSi said...

Je sais de quoi tu parles ! OUfffff!
J'en ai tellement eu durant ma grossesse, c'était parfois insurportable !
En espérant que ce soit passager!

J'ai hâte de te voir :)