Thursday, December 28, 2006

latest update

Well, I had my doctor's appointment this afternoon and i'm happy to say that things are pregressing well. I am now 2cm dilated and still 50% effaced. My next appointment is next friday the 5th (1 day before my due date) I don't forsee any problems until then, but i think the baby is getting a little anxious. It has been doing gymnastics in my belly since last night, so who knows maybe i'll be a little early. At least x-mas is past. I've gained 22 lbs so far and even though i got the gastro 5 days ago, i still gained 1 lbs this week. Oh well! Let's say it's water retention... i am starting to notice that my hands and feet are a little more puffy than usual. I have to harasse my husband tonight for him to take a picture of my BIG belly, we missed 2 pics already and i'm not too happy about that! The other option is that i try and take it myself with the timer on the camera and my camera stand. Maybe i'll try that tomorrow.

Soon i'll post a recent picture of myself and my belly.

I've been tired lately, for the past few days i've been naping in the afternoon when Brady goes down. I wanna scrapbook but i feel like i've got no inspiration, i don't have any really good pictures of Brady (which is usually my main subject for my pages) he just moves around too much OR he wants to be behind the camera taking the picture so that doesn't work well either. I have some pictures of Cuba (and really nice papers) and of Paris/Barcelona trip that i should scrap, but i jusst don't know how to get started. I'll have to get my friend Josee to come visit one day and help me out (travel pages were her specialty until her daughter arrived)

Now's the perfect time for scrapping since it's all re-runs of my shows on TV. Too bad i don't feel the energy. :-(

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