Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What a scare!

Boy I had such a scare this morning. On my way out of the house i fell down the stairs of porch. They were icy and I was being careful but my foot slipped anyways and i went down 7 steps. Thank heavens I wasn't holding Brady's hand at the time, i would've brought him down with me. So Needless to say i was a little...ok alot, freaked out! I didn't know if the bb was gonna be ok or not, so i got into my car with Brady, on the way to the daycare i called the hospital and told me to come on in and they'd check to make sure the bb's heartbeat was fine and that it was moving well and make sure i had no contractions. Dave is on his last business trip this week so i called my dad to see if he could come with me. He met me at the daycare and we went to the hospital. Everything is fine, nothing to worry about. If by any chance i was to start bleeding or having painfull contractions i have to call the hospital back. I decided to stay home the rest of the day and rest. I rented 2 movies (the Stone family and Ice Age 2)

Dave was already uneasy about leaving for another trip this week, this will make him feel even worst, but there's nothing he could've done about it, i probably would've fallen anyways.

So far the only consequence to this whole thing is a MEGA bruise on the side of my left thigh. I think i fell on my left bum cheek and then on the side of my left thigh. It happened so fast, next thing i knew i was at the bottom of the stairs looking up at Brady.

I'm just glad there's nothing wrong.
Keep you posted


JoSie SenSi said...

Ouffff ! ISa !
C'est vraiment épeurant tout ça !!
Une chance que tu n'as rien, que le bébé non plus !!!
Ayayaye... Sois prudente ma belle :)

Tracey said...

You did the right thing getting checked out at the hospital. Glad all is okay too. It must be something most pregnant women do as I fell down our stairs on my bottom when I was pregnant too...