Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Ok so i'm late, it was last tuesday (nov 7th) that was a regular day, i was so tired that morning because Brady had been waking up at 5am for the pas few days, that i had totally forgot it was my birthday that day. I did get a cake at supper, but that was it, i had already got my gift early (a remote car starter). You see it was my 30th b-day, so i told my husband that he better be doing something big for my birthday. Well last week he tells me we're going to the restaurant with his parents for a family supper..'cause we don't have family suppers often enough. I asked him if he asked my dad to go ('cause that's my only family here) and he says NO. Well that made me a little upset, ok my dad was working at midnight that day so he probably would've said no anyways, but still he could've asked, right?! So we get to the restaurant (Baton Rouge, 'cause i wanted ribs) On our way to the restaurant, he tells me that we were gonna be joined by a few other people, but they were gonna be late, you know traffic and everything. I though maybe it was my friends Michelle and Julie. Then at the restaurant he starts telling me that my friends were taking me out after supper. He was gonna go home with Brady and put him to bed and i was going out, where? He had no idea, my friends had organized it. I was happy but intrigued because he didn't tell me which friends. Then he calls the mystery person and says : you're on the 412? so automatically i thought of my best friend Tamara that's in Ottawa!
The way that were sitting, my back is to the entrance of the restaurant, but there are mirrors in front of me, all of a sudden i see my sister behind me! then my mom next to her!
My husband, the sweetheart that he is had flown in my sister from Saskatoon, SK and my mom from Fredericton, NB. And guess who picked them up at the aeroport? My dad. so it really was a family supper for my b-day.

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