Wednesday, November 15, 2006

update on pregnancy

Hi had my doctor's appointment today (32 1/2 weeks) and everything is doing really well, a few weeks ago i lost secretions that were part of the mucus plug, but she said that was OK as long as there was no blood. The baby is head down, which is good. It doesn't mean that it can't change positions later on, but i have faith. Brady was positioned head down the whole pregnancy. And i didn't forget my little recorder this time. I had bought a little recorder especially made for scrapbooking, so i recorded the heart beat and put it on my ultrasound page...i know it's pink and i don't know the sex of the bb, but lets say the page is for me and i wanted pink!

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JoSie SenSi said...

Bonne fĂȘte en retard! J'savais pas !! :)

Et puis... Ta page de grossesse est pas mal belle! Quel beau souvenir ein?