Thursday, August 19, 2010


i had taken pictures at the beginning of the summer of the veggie garden we made this year but of course i procrastinated so much that i don't think i posted them...  
the kids love it though and go check the veggies, well more the carrots and strawberries, every day.  I love that they love the carrots fresh out of the ground, it's so yummy! 

Today we picked the last of our carrots, a couple green peppers, an italian tomato and a handful of strawberries (this is the most i've picked all summer, it's usually one or two at a time) 

this picture is actually at the beginning of July, you can see a red pepper and lots of green.  Here's what we planted: english cucumbers, carrots, italian tomatoes, peas, green peppers, red peppers, orange peppers and strawberries.  oh and a few herbs in the front.  ok i was very ambitious and not very smart for the first time around, too much big stuff is too little space.  
this was the first time i did cukes...never again!  love them, but they just invaded everything else.  Not very smart that i put them next to the tomatoes!!! who are now so big and they are on top of everything and into the cedars.    Next year i'm gonna stick to carrots (more carrots), peas (cause Charlie loves to eat them raw like me!), tomatoes, green peppers and strawberries (who, if i cover them properly for winter should still be there next year)

today's pickings: 

and the boys

have a great day!


Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

Super carottes! Moi aussi, j'ai cueilli une tomate et j'ai gouté à ma première fève aujourd'hui :)

Hearthandmade said...

this looks great!! I wish my vegetable patch looked like this! I have been growing my veg indoors!