Monday, April 12, 2010

picture post

i've been working on this month's PWCO stamp release and trust me it is AWESOME! check out the blinkie on my sidebar and see if you can catch the clue. So mark your calendars for April 23rd, you won't want to miss this! (pssst....we have a new designer joining us!)

So anyways, today I just wanted to share some pics I took yesterday.

the first one is a cake I made as a donation for a silent auction to raise money for one of my husband's co-worker that is doing the "ride to conquer cancer" If you haven't yet donated, you still have time; just click on the link on the top of my sidebar. It's really for a good cause that is affecting my family. My dad is currently fighting cancer and has been for the past 2 yrs.
thank you.

the second set of pictures are my boys.

Charlie with a cute bear hat my sister gave the boys.
Brady and Charlie, when i take pictures of them Brady always has to have his arm around Charlie's neck. Sometimes it's almost a headlock, LOL!
oh and this one... this morning I asked Charlie if he wanted to exercise, he said yes. I couldn't find the DVD of the kids exercise that I have so I put on the dance exercise DVD from Julianne Hough of Dancing with the Stars. It was so cute to see Charlie do the stretch with the "hot" girls on TV. As soon as they started with the dance moves and it got a bit more complicated though he gave up. He loves to dance so i'm sure i'll be able to get him to shake his booty with me!

Have a great day people!


Juliana said...

That cake is fantastic Bella! You are just getting better and better with them! And the boys! They look so adorable!

Chantal said...

Love the cake!! The hat looks really cute on Charlie... I'm glad it fits!

Hearthandmade said...

the cake is amazing! such a great cause too :) the wee bear hat is the cutest thing ive ever seen.