Friday, January 08, 2010

holiday pictures recap

i can't believe we're already 1 week into January! i've been meaning to do a post with a recap of some of my favorite pictures from the holidays at our house. Of course i'm in none of them since i'm always behind the camera. Can you believe i didn't even think of using my tripod to get myself in the x-mas morning photo?! oh well... maybe next year. (was that a resolution?) speaking of which, i never make them since i can't keep them! but there are some projects i'd like to get done this year so maybe i'll make a list after all.

i have lots of cards made...too many in fact! i think i'll be setting up a shop, either Etsy or Shop Hand, this year to get rid of a few. Anybody have any pros/cons regarding these two shops? Tomorrow i'll be showcasing another card from the PWCO jan papercard kit.

ps: my dad is still in the hospital, may be getting out soon. (Updated: i just got a call he is getting out today, so i'll be picking him up after supper)

i'm gonna leave you with the pics in question. just so you don't think i ever wash Charlie's face... the pics where he's got this great dirty mustache is because he just discovered hot chocolate and he loves it! these pics were taken right or while he was drinking it.


famille1999 said...

OMG, ils ont donc bien grandi tes cocos! De beaux souvenirs de Noël. Contente d'apprendre que ton père a reçu son congé. Bonne chance!

JJ Sobey said...

Great pics! (I'm not in any of mine either...*sigh*)

Etsy - I used only as a buyer, but have had good experiences all around. The other site, I've never heard of. My only gripe with Etsy is that I can not sell on it without a credit card for the sellers' fees. Don't know why paypal isn't good enough for them.

Juliana said...

these holiday pics are really great! everyone looks so very happy!

glad to hear your dad came home today!

Mélanie Blackburn said...

Glad to hear your dad is no longer at the hospital - how is he doing?

Those pictures are awesome!!! I'm loving the one of Brady in front of the tree!! He's one cool dude. Charlie is just too cute for words. :)

Barb said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. Your boys are getting so big! It seems like just yesterday that the younger one was born. wow!