Friday, November 27, 2009


tomorrow, my good friend Michelle invited me and the family over for supper. Julie and Steph's families will be there also. We try and get together for supper at least once a year, which is kinda pathetic when you think about it. we all live within a 15 or so km radius from each other. Last year we did a girls only supper at Le Local in Old-Montreal, OMG the food was amazing!

So when Michelle started talking about this whole dinner at her house thing i had just finished my first cake class and was so excited about it that i offered, or begged, to make a cake. Ok now since then, with the other classes i've done (pumpkin, fondant...which i have yet to post the pics of the cake) i've made about 1 cake per week in the last month and a half and i have a request
from Erin to make one for next week-end so i'm a little caked-out! (but wait till you see the cake she requested it's so awesome i can't wait to make it!) So when we confirmed with the girls yesterday i told them i was taking care of "dessert", that left my options a bit more opened! I decided to make a Tiramitsu, with real mascarpone not some weird combo of whip cream and cream cheese, it's gonna be so yummy!
i'll post pictures of it later, it has to sit in the fridge over night before finishing it up. Since there is espresso and Brandy in it i made something else for the kiddos. They will be having a brownie pizza for dessert and Charlie helped me with the toppings, ok i think more went into his mouth then on the pizza but that's what's fun about it, right?!

this is super simple to make and takes about 45 min from start to finish. Make a Betty Crocker brownie mix and spread it in a greased round pizza pan, i cooked it at 350F for about 15 min and it was perfectly done. remove from oven and sprinkle some white chocolate chips on top.

let sit on hot "pizza" so that they melt and spread with an offset spatula, they weren't quite melted enough when i tried to spread mine and it pulled off some of the top of the brownie so i put it back into the warm oven for 3-4 min.

Once the "cheese" is spread out sprinkle with your choice of candy toppings and you are done! it's that simple and i'm sure the kids will love it!

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