Monday, November 30, 2009

my fondant class

ok, for those of you who don't know what fondant is it's a sugar paste that bakers use to cover cakes and also make figurines and other decorative elements. Marzipan can also be used, this is almond paste; personally i prefer the taste of marzipan but it is twice the price of the fondant. Either are super fun to use, it's like play-doh for adults! So here's the cake we decorated in my fondant class that ended last week, it was only 2 evenings but so informative. our teacher Steve Paquin from St-Bruno is awesome! I took this class and all the other cake decorating classes at Creations Gourmande in Ste-Catherine.

it's a bit of a modge podge of different techniques so the cake looks a little odd but it was oh so good. Of course i couldn't just make a regular white cake so i made a coconut flavoured buttercream and them sprinkled coconut between the layers. it was good but really sweet.

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Cin Cin said...

omgOSH! tHIS IS gorgeous! WOW!