Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dora birthday cake

My very good friend Claude asked me to make the cake for Kira's birthday, which was last week-end, i was very honored to make this and it was so much fun since i have two boys and will not be making princess, Dora or anything pink for them. Sorry the picture isn't that great but Claude has a good one on her blog. Mommy wanted fondant over the cake but i told her kids usually like the icing better so i iced the cake but make those cute little swirl lollipops out of fondant just for her! The rectangular cake was white tinted purple, because when asked what kind of cake she wanted Kira just said "purple!" Ok so a purple cake it was! the white icing is buttercream and purple one is cream cheese icing. Dora's skirt is a chocolate cake. the road is make with multicolored non-pareils and multicolored licorice and jujubes are used to decorate the rest of the cake. it was very yummy and i love how it turned out! you know sometimes when you make something it just doesn't come out the way you had imagined it in your head? well it happens to me all the time! so i sketched out my idea for this one and it worked out great!

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Juliana said...

Oh that cake is amazing girl! Hope you are doing well!