Monday, August 31, 2009

SAHM and TGF gardener call

As of tomorrow i will officially be a SAHM! today was the kids' last day at daycare, the timing was perfect since i had medical tests at the hospital this morning. no worries, everything went very well and nothing was found. i was so drugged up that i slept through the whole test.

a while ago I decided that it was time for me to get another DT, i would love to get on a manufacturer DT but that might take some time. i'm still applying for them, unsuccesfully for now, but many one day it'll pay off. Since i won't be working anymore my scrapping budget is gonna be greatly diminished so let's say it really wouldn't hurt to get free supplies onc
e in a while :) my friends know this but some of you might not; since i discovered Copic markers i've been totally hooked on stamping and card making. i just love to color and practise with the
Copic markers. sometimes i just stamp images on a piece of cs and color while i watch t.v.
at the beginning of the month of august my friend Mel sent me an email with the link to some girl's blog. she had just bought a stamp called "Edward" well... it's so damn cute i really had to get my hands on it, so i found the manufacturer's website and ordered myself an Edward and a few more goodies while i was there. Their stamps are really great. they're called The Greeting Farm and they even have their own line of papers. last week i'm checking out their blog through my google reader when i see that their having a DT call...O-M-G!!! i just had to apply! don't get too excited...the call ended today and i received an email that i hadn't made it. but
that's ok, the term was only for 3 months so i'll be applying to the next call; who knows i might get lucky! Anyways here are the two cards i made for the call using their stamps.

this one is using Wild Sprout - Dahlia
they had asked for a circus theme card, i think i did ok. the white of the card is actually the inside of the card. the orange glitter is the top part of the card that is already opened like the big top tent (at least that's what i was going for)

well no explanation needed for this one; this is the Wild Sprout - Edward stamp. I also used the greeting farm papers that i bought. i was very obsessive with this one. i did 4 tests for hair colors and 3 tests on skin color. what you can't see here is that the skin is painted with a light coat of shimmerz paint, and so is the tip of his hair.

well that's it for now folks! i cropped with the girls on friday night, it was JJ's last night with us for a while. i did make a page but it's for the next mixer so you'll have to wait.

thanks for stopping by!


Mélanie Blackburn said...

Love that stamp, you totally rocked those cards!!!

Enjoy your new venture as a SAHM, I'm so very envious!!!

See ya tomorrow! xo

Chantal said...

Love the Edward card!! So cute!

Tracey Malnofski said...

You are too cool!!!
And your name is even Bell?
No Way?!?!