Tuesday, August 11, 2009

home with a sick kid...kinda

i'm home today because Brady was sick yesterday at daycare - he threw up at daycare, in the car on the way home and once more at home. Today he's like nothing happened yesterday (same thing happened last friday, he was sick 3x and then was fine the rest of the week-end) but daycare rules state that we have to wait 24 hrs before re-intergrating him with the other kids in case it's the flu. So this morning i made a banana bread with some bananas i had stashed in the freezer when they got to ripe, it smells really good in the house right now. I'm also making a ham in my crock-pot for supper. i coated it with a mix of Dijon mustard and brown sugar, i then poured a bear over top and set it on low for 6 hrs. it should be really yummy!

so i figured it was about time i posted some pics of the cottage we spent our vacation at a few weeks ago. Like last year (see this post) we rented a cottage by the sea in Cap-Pele, NB. This year the cottage was so much better than last year's. First of all it was newer (only 6 yrs old) we were directly on the shore, nobody in front of us like last year. There was this really nice 4 season veranda (we didn't get eaten by mosquitoes!) that we ate all our meals on and spent most of our time there. And the master bedroom was on a mezzanine facing the windows. one morning Brady woke me up at 5am, after i put him back in bed i just laid in bed looking out the windows at the gorgeous sunrise, the horizon was painted with shades of orange, pinks and fuchsias. it was totally gorgeous! so i leave you with some pictures of the cottage and the kids playing outside.

oh yeah! we also drove down to the PEI bridge. we didn't cross 'cause it was 42$ (i think) and we didn't really have anything planned on the island. that'll be for another year.
The boys with their half-sister, it's unbelievable how much they all resemble each other, you'd swear she was my daughter too!
back at the cottage.

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Claude said...

So, how was the "bear" over your ham? Tasty?

Love the cottage! And OMG, it's incredible, all 3 kids have the same smile!