Thursday, January 08, 2009

check it out; mixer # 1 is up on Mix it Up. the other girls did a great job!

here's my LO for this challenge.
on another note, i've had a pretty busy week so far. went back to work monday after being off for 2 weeks, that was hard enough on it's own. Dave was away on business. Monday night Charlie started having a high fever, i was afraid that it might me tonsilitis. on tuesday i stayed home with him. My dad got his surgery on tuesday. he was getting his bladder removed and he was supposed to get a reconstruction done however there have been complications and he was not able to get the reconstruction, the had to install a permanent bag. i read up on this and it won't affect his life much once he gets the hand of the management of the whole thing. he can be as active as he wants to be and do sports if he wishes. i took the day off yesterday to go visit him and at the same time Charlie's ped was able to see him at 11h30 so i took him there and then dropped him off at the daycare and headed to the hospital for a visit. he was still on the ventilator and hook up to a lot of machines and tubes, but the doc said he was doing well regardless. I left work early today to miss the traffic and head into town for another visit. i came back not too long ago and he's doing very well. he even got up, with help of course, and sat in a chair for 10-15 min. he's in good spirits.
thank you to my friends that were aware of the situation, for keeping my dad in your thoughts and prayers.


Mélanie Blackburn said...

Isa, I've been wondering how your dad was. Sorry I missed you on MSN last night. I'll be on tonight if you want to chat. I'm glad that your dad is doing good. What relief.

Claude said...

I'm so glad your dad is well, even though he couldn't get the reconstructive surgery. Hugs!

Pearl said...

Love the details on your layout !

I hope your dad is doing much better .

Jana Eubank said...

Love your layout, Bella! I didn't know about your dad, but I hope he continues to feel better! HUGS!!!