Thursday, January 15, 2009

before i forget...

i always love reading my friend Claude's blog, because she write the cutest conversations she has with her kids. i keep saying i want to do that to remember, but i don't do it quickly enough and i forget. here are 2 things that happened yesterday that i think are just hilarious (in my mom opinion)

After bathtime we were all in our bed and Brady took out his doctor kit. him and Charlie proceeded to poke his dad in the mouth, nose, ears...the works! After he was done he laid down in bed and said

Brady: "ok papa, la moi je suis mort et toi tu fais le docteur!"
Me (laughing) "bein si t'es mort mon amour, c'est pas un docteur que t'as besoin. Tu veux dire malade?"
B: "non, je suis mort. papa fait le docteur"
LOL! he mixes up "malade" and "mort" i have no clue where he got that from but i think it's funny.

now this next little anecdote is hilarious!

Dave is putting the kids to bed and i'm in the kitchen cleaning up. when i hear...

Brady: "psssst....Master Shifu. Ohhhh.....Master Shifu"
Me (sighing and walking towards the stairs ready to rip into him for not being in bed): "what is it Brady, why aren't you in bed"
Brady: "Master Shifuuuu....." walking down the stairs, holding my padded bra on his head calling for Master Shifu. well i just about died! he's been saying some of the funniest things these past few days; like "aye aye my Captain!" or "..." well of course now i can't remember.

what i do remember is that Mixer #2 is up at Mix it Up, go check it out. The DT did a great job, i'm not there this week because we are split into 2 teams, i'm up next week.

well that's it for today!

Oh! i almost forgot! Charlie is 2 yrs old today! unfortunatly with me having been sick (and is still sick) since last saturday, my dad being in the hospital (btw he's doing good, started walking with a walker and eating, after 1 week) i decided not to throw Charlie a party. if we do something it'll be next month, but i doubt it, he's still young not to notice. i do feel guilty because i've always made sure Brady had a party, a cake + cupcakes for daycare and Charlie with being so close after x-mas last year i almost forgot his first birthday! this year i started planning and thinking before x-mas and now i'm sick. FUDGE!

ok, now i'm done ranting for today!


Claude said...

Happy birthday Charlie!

And man, Brady is cute!!!

Mélanie Blackburn said...

OK, I had to lol at the bra situation!!! LOL!

happy Birthday little man.

I hope you'll soon feel better.