Tuesday, June 24, 2008

scrap results from crop and life update

So i've had a pretty crazy last week. This is what's been happening and considering i was at home i don't know why i didn't post sooner.

so last monday my dh was admitted to the hospital for having a very swollen knee due to an extreme amount of creatin in his system due to muscle overexhaustion. His body was not eliminating it like it should've and was potentially dangerous for his kidneys so he spend monday-wednesday at the hospital under observation. Monday night after visiting him at the hospital Brady started having a fever and throwing up, that lasted until wednesday AND Charlie got hand-foot-mouth disease. so last week i was at work on monday and on friday. Saturday i went to the monthly crop at Scrapbook Centrale. My friend Melanie and her friend Wendy came down from Ottawa, it was really nice to get to crop with them, Mel is such a big source of inspiration for me; i love her stuff and seeing her just create with such ease was so awesome! I got to crop with my good friend Claude again, i just love what she does but somehow i can't seem to recreate that style and she's a great sounding board when i'm not sure about something. (we should definately get together more often, we have a project we want to do...) Afterwards we went to Starbucks for coffee, ok i had a Chai Latte because at that hour (10h30pm) if i had had coffee i wouldn't fallen asleep before 3am! i did get to be only at 1am but i got to sleep in the next morning.

Today was a Quebec holiday so no work! Dh and I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda, it was really good!!! i recommend it!!!

so i leave you with 2 of my 4 layouts. I can't show you the other 2 because they are for my friend Tamara and just in case she checks out my blog i wouldn't was to ruin the surprise. i think they are totally rockin' and i can't wait to share them!


Claude said...

Thanks for the kind words!

We definitely have to get together again soon!

Love your layouts, and your friend Tamara will be a happy lady!

Lulu said...

Nice LO's!!! I am so envious of you having people in real life to scrap with!!! lol :)

Hope your DH's knee gets better too...

Ronda P. said...

So sorry your family has been through so much lately. That is never fun but thankfully you did get some creative time! Cute Layouts!

Mimi73 said...

Hooo ben tes deux pages je les aime ...mais comme tu sais que je suis une ''couleurs freak'' lolll j'ai une préférence pour celle du haut :D

:) Belle production :)