Saturday, June 14, 2008

big changes

Well first off, no big changes in the scrap area that's pretty much the same. BUT stay tuned tomorrow for the reveal of the July kit! it was really out of my comfort zone but i really like what I've done so far with it! Here's a card i did for my husband's birthday last Tuesday. I LOVE how it turned out, it's exactly what i wanted! don't you just love how what you create is how you had envisioned it!

OK now for the big change part. I've changed diapers for Charlie. Since this morning, I am now using the Gdiapers check them out they are totally awesome and so much better for the environnement. I'm horrified to think that my kids diapers (pampers, huggies and such) will still be in our landfill 6 generations from now. Isn't that horrible! Well the gdiapers will break down in the landfills between 50-150 DAYS!!! yes that's right: days. You can also flush them in your toilet or compost them. We don't compost so that's not an option, i was going to do the whole flushing thing (you also don't have the smell of the poopy diaper!) but i don't think my toilets like it very much, they have a tendency to clog very easily. I've had to use my plunger 3X already today. If you go on the website they have videos that show you how easy they are to flush and dispose of. i guess i my toilets are too finicky to flush, i still feel better throwing these away knowing they will break down so much quicker and they are better for mother earth since they are made of all natural products.

Slowly i've been trying to do things a bit "greener", i use phosphate free detergents and recycle a lot more than i use to. But this is a huge change. i'm glad i'm making it. Now to convince they daycare, hopefully they will be all for it!

Tune in tomorrow for my newest Just Cre8 July kit cre8tions!


Mélanie Blackburn said...

Love your "deer" card!!! it's too cute and clever too!!

TraceyT said...

This is something I def. need to look into further. Thanks for posting!!

Ash said...

Love that card, it's so amazing. And thanks for the heads-up about those diapers. I'd never heard of them, but what a great idea.