Thursday, June 12, 2008

big storm

So we had a big storm on tuesday, luckily we still have power but my neighbors don't (weird huh?) So i thought i'd share some pictures of the damages we had in our yard. Our house is ok, no damages. the trampoline and swing set are scrapped! it looks like a tree fell on the trampoline but actually the trampoline flew into a tree, our neighbour came over after the storm passed to take it down. I was at work and it was quite a show, i've never seen a storm so bad. during the downpour you couldn't see 20 feet in front of you (outside of course! 'cause we were fine inside! lol!) we finally got the cable-internet-phone today! (we have all three with Videotron!)


Claude said...

OMG, Isa, look at that! Here in Laval, we hardly had anything. The kids and the cats didn't even notice, it was just rain for like, 5 minutes!

That really sucks for your trampoline and swing set, wow! But I'm sure glad your house is okay!!! Imagine if one of those trees had fallen on it?!

Anonymous said...

You were lucky that there was no damage to the house.

We had a similar wind storm and heavy rain for about 10 minutes on Sunday afternoon here in Fredericton. Some people had broken trees but, out in Hanwell, there was no damage in our immediate neighborhood.

Is the neighbours' trampoline broken as well?