Thursday, October 23, 2008

sing with me...

"I'm a big boy now!"
Brady is finally without a pull-up at night. Here's how it happened.
For the last few weeks he would get up in the morning and his pull-up was dry, i could hear him get up during the night to go pee, so i knew that soon he would be good to take off the pull-up. last friday before he put on his pj's i asked him if he wanted to not wear his pull-up that night. This is how the conversation went:

Brady: "hummm no, no i wanna wear a pull-up"
Me: "ok, sweetie that's fine, you tell me when you're ready"

then on monday night when i told him to get his pj's on and his pull up we had this conversation:
Me: "Brady get your pj's on and your pull-up"
Brady: " no. no pull-up, juste mes culottes (just my underwear)"
M: " no pull-up?"
B: " no, juste mes culottes"
M: "you're sure."
B: "yes"
M: "ok sweetie"

and guess what?! we're thursday and there hasn't been an accident yet. cross my fingers, knock on wood! i told him if he did a whole week he would get a surprise.

i am so proud of him!!! it took so long for him be clean during the day, i wasn't worried i knew it would happen when he was ready.


JJ Sobey said...

YAY Brady!!! Congrats little fella!

I can hardly wait for that day with Liam. *sigh*

Claude said...

Yay for Brady! Feels good to know it's over with, right?

Lulu said...

Yay Congrats to Brady! Isaiah is 3.5... so this give me hope :)