Tuesday, December 16, 2008

changes...lots of changes

Oh my! how time flies! it's already been a month since my last post. I just haven't had time to do anything but catch my breath. i work in customer service for Fruits & Passion and with the holiday season it's been absolutely crazy at work. i deal mostly with US and Canadian independant retailers and everybody's been calling wanting their order yesterday. the phones have been ringing off the hook! thank goodness this week it's calmed down so we have time to catch up on our pending file that has been gaining inches in the last few weeks. I've been feeling very stressed and a bit freaked out about X-mas. don't get me wrong i love X-Mas and this year my mom and her boyfriend AND my sister and her boyfriend are coming in from out of province. so that makes 4 more people staying with us...no problem. the more the merrier right?! but i have been stressing to make sure the house is cleaned up and that i'm not forgetting anything (ie: presents, baking, decorating...) Sunday night, DH tells me his daughter (who we were supposed to have at New Years this year) told him she wanted to come over for X-Mas instead; ok...i think i can find room to sleep everybody....

ok now here for the big changes. It is with great regret that i resigned from the Just Cre8 design team. i just didn't have enough time to dedicate to this great site. I want to thank Sue for everything she did for me and the other crew members for being so great. check out what they did with the January kit that was revealed yesterday...they totally rocked it! i love the dandylion things (must find out what they are...)

My good friend Melanie has started this new challenge blog and has asked me to be a part of her first design team. It's called Mix it Up and every week there'll be different kinds of challenges called mixers. Check it out she launched it yesterday and it looks great (guess who made the banner and blinkies...yup that's me! so cool that she asked me right?!) she has assembled a kick ass DT and i can't wait to work with them. we are split up in two team and each team has an assignment in alternating weeks. so this is perfect for me right now...i can still work with a great team but have a lighter load with longer deadlines. Thanks Mel for asking me to be a part of this!

alrighty now, i have to go wrap some presents and continue making some peanut butter balls...i think they're gonna take me 3 evenings to make but they will be sooooo yummy when i'm done!

i'll be back soon i promise ( at least i'll try, my guests are arriving on saturday, yikes!)


Claude said...

You know what Bella? I almost emailed Melanie to tell her how gorgeous the banner is, then it slipped my mind. I'm glad to know you made it, it totally rocks!!!

Good luck with the family!

And um... How can you talk about peanut butter balls and not explain what they are??? C'mon, I need to know! :)

Tchoubi ::: Petites histoires créatives said...

Bonjour Isabelle (j'espère que tu parles aussi français;)
Je suis tombée sur ton blog et j'ai été surprise de constater que tu es de Carignan toi aussi! Tu sembles aussi avoir un garçon du même âge que le mien! Et en plus, tout comme moi tu aimes le scrapbooking... Et bien, j'en profite pour te dire que tes pages sont splendides. Au plaisir de se croiser à Carignan... je suis près de l'école du parchemin. Si tu veux me rendre visite: http://tchoubi.blogpost.com (tu reconnaitras surement le paysage!

Tchoubi ::: Petites histoires créatives said...

Allo encore Isabelle... je viens de recevoir ton commentaire! Je ne trouve pas ton courriel sur ton blog, je te laisse le mien: nathgregoire@hotmail.com. A propos, as-tu un garcon qui commence à l'école du parchemin en 2010... (Je trouve que les garcons de l'âge du mien sont TELLEMENT difficiles à trouver dans le secteur... dis moi par courriel, tu es de quelle rue (enfin, si le coeur t'en dit ;-)