Monday, December 31, 2007

So with the holiday season almost over i thought i should come and post an update on how we're all doing. My mom was down from NB for X-mas she arrived on Sat the 22 and left on the 26th. It was really great having her here, i don't remember the last time she was here for x-mas. The kids were a little spoiled by Santa this year, they got lots of toys that make noise! lucky me...

As for tonight (New Years Eve) it's like any other day in this household, we'll probably just watch a movie and go to bed. On this note i leave you to some pictures.

Oh yeah! i almost forgot, Thank you Erin and Claude for coming over and cropping with me yesterday it was a lot of fun and we definately have to do it again soon! i created 2 layouts that i'm really happy with.

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Ash said...

Great picture of your Christmas tree, it looks so magical! And your boys are sure cute. I like your new pages too! :)