Sunday, December 16, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside!

OUF! i just spent 45min outside shoveling the 2 sets of stairs and walks. Can i just tell you i'm really glad that we pay for snow removal on our 2 parkings! i think there was 12 inches of snow (some places more) and it's still snowing! so i can't imagine shoveling the whole thing by hand. My hats off to those that do it with a shovel!!!

UPDATE: ok, it's 5 hrs later and i just came back from shoveling one of the walks (the one we use, obviously) and i swear there must've been another 8 inches (someplaces where it was windy...12 in!) and of course, it's still snowing.

I don't mind it that much, actually it reminds me of the winters we used to have when i was a kid and the snow banks we 6 feet high and you lost your boots in the snow. We haven't had this must snow in i don't know how long. And to think, last year we didn't even have snow at Christmas! We'll be very fortunate this year!

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