Thursday, July 19, 2007

yesterday's crop

So yesterday morning my and Charlie had a doctor's appointment. Can you believe he now weighs 16.7 lbs?! He's sitting up extreamly well for his age. Oh Shit! his vaccin appointment is in 10 min! gotta go!................................................OK i'm back. We were about 5 min late! He did that very well, whimpered a little but that was all. He's such a good baby this one!

So as i was saying, we had a doc appt yesterday morning then off to Josie's house for her weekly crop with the girlz! (Sabee, Melane, Amelie and MissKarine) I had so much fun, too bad i had to leave so early. I got lucky on the way back though; i took the Mercier bridge and everybody knows that it's the lights, once you get across, that slow you down. I told myself red lights don't exist. And guess what?! i got 1 out of 12 lights that was red. Pretty good eh?

Anyways, i don't know how i feel about the page i did. I mean now i like it, it's nice but i still feel like there's something missing. I have to stop comparing myself to others because it hinders my creativity. I felt intimidated yesterday with all those talented girls and i just couldn't get anything out. the creativity wasn't coming. I do however want to thank Sabee for guiding me in the right direction on using my stripe of pp with the butterfly ribbon and for giving me the jewel crown to cover up the water droplets that fell on my picture. I also want to thank Karine for giving me the flowers and the clear buttons, it was very generous of you. Melane, you're always such a nice girl and fun to chat with i enjoyed sitting next to you and Loick is so cute and full of life (and i mean that in a good way!) Amelie, i can 't wait to see your page completly finished, when i left it was already looking amazing. and Josie, thank you for you generosity and hospitality. The food and the company were great, can't wait to crop with you next week!

i took a picture of the layout so that you could see the stix2 foil (it doesn't show up very well on a scan, i really do love this product)


JoSie SenSi said...

non mais !!!!!
Elle est génial sa page!!
Tu t'en vàs vers un style qui te vàs très bien!
Et tu as raison, cesse de te comparer, tu fais de très belles choses ma chère!
À la semaine prochaine !! XXX

cynthiagd said...

WOW! Elle est tellement belle cette page là ma belle!!!
Ça fait tellement longtemps qu'on s'est pas vu!