Sunday, July 01, 2007


So the boys went for haircuts on friday morning. Let's just say they were both due. Charlie's only 5 months and i didn't want to cut his hair, but i must say i really didn't have a choice, strangers were starting to tell me how beautiful my "daughter" was. see for yourselves. Now he really looks like a boy, and i'm still not used to the new look. I find Brady's hair is also a little too short but it will grow out fast enough. Oh ya! and can you believe he's only 5 months and sitting in that little car with no one holding on to him?! i did have to steady him after a while but he sat by himself most of the time.


JoSie SenSi said...

Ça leurs a fait vraiment du bien à tes gars et ils sont ADORABLES !!!

MelBlackburn said...

Funny how a hair cut makes them look like big boys. They are adorable!!!

Daniele said...

Je les trouve tellement cutes tes fils! j'en reviens pas comme Charlie a changé depuis que je l'ai vu!