Monday, September 13, 2010

25th anniversary cake

this, i could say was the cake from HELL!
i was asked to make this cake for a 25th anniversary and i had originaly turned it down, but then they came back (3 weeks before they needed it) and said they simplified the cake they wanted, i knew they hadn't found anyone else to make it so i said i would.

everything went wrong.  i was on schedule, cake was baked and iced 2 days before but i made a mistake and forgot it in the freezer overnight.  so the next morning i took it out and smoothed the icing (weird enough the icing wasn't completely frozen, this was icing i bought already made from the cake shop)

my mistake was i wanted to get the *&#$ cake done and i didn't let it thaw out completely before putting on the fondant.  about 2 hrs after having covered the cake in fondant a clear syrup started leaking out from the side (under the fondant)  i put a fan on it to dry it out, left it uncovered overnight like the cake shop told me to do.  the next morning it was still leaking so i removed the fondant, re-iced it ( i still had some store icing left) and put NEW fondant on.  Not 1 hour later it had started leaking again.  this was the same day they were supposed to pick it up (after work).  i ended up having to run to the grocery store, bought ingredients to make MY buttercream icing and 3 boxes of Betty Crocker (hey gotta love Betty!)  I had to make the cake from scratch, i asked them if they could pick it up the next morning before the party and they were ok with that, thank goodness 'cause if not well they wouldn't have had a cake.  So to make sure there would be no problems i put the fondant on the next morning and finished up the decorations.

It's pretty simple and i'm happy with the way it turned out, especially with all the trouble i had with it.

i hope they had enough cake (i checked the size with the cake shop) and that Mike and Julie liked it, but i wouldn't know because i haven't gotten any feedback (the girl that ordered it is the wife of a guy that works for my husband) i'm just saying it would've been nice to know if they liked it and if they didn't then i guess i don't really want to know. 

i think that's enough bitchin' for today.  thanks for reading my rants! 


Chantal said...

On the bright side, the cake looks really nice! And i'll bet it was really tasty too :)

Alice Wertz said...

i bet it was tasty, too! beautiful done!