Friday, December 04, 2009

pirate birthday cake

My friend Erin asked me to make a Pirate cake for Ethan's birthday this week-end. Well here it is; finished this morning! i used some gold dust powder on his beard and mustache and then diluted it and painted the earing a nice shimmery gold. The skull and scarf have been dusted with pearl dust powder. i'm someone who will fuss a lot and not be happy if it didn't quite come out with the way i had imagined it. well i can say that i am very happy with the way this one turned out!

On another note, Charlie started coughing yesterday and fever last night, this morning his fever went up to 104F! so needless to say we're taking it easy today.

upcoming plans.... stay tuned tomorrow for Stamping Bella's birthday blog hop!
next week: bake cookies, pies and tourtieres! start X-Mas shopping (yup haven't started yet!)
in two weeks: on the 17th; go pick up our new puppy (it's a 6.5 hrs drive from here! i know we're crazy!) finish up X-Mas shopping!

oh yeah, i really should mail out my X-Mas cards! and this week-end i really have to mail out my mom's present, i'm also supplying her with a dozen x-mas cards.

Don't forget to stop by tomorrow!



Erin said...

Ethan's gonna love it!!
( maybe I'll attempt fondant when it's not for a birthday!) Thanks for taking up the challenge!!

JJ Sobey said...

This is adorable!!!

Nathalie (tchoubi) said...

Superbe ton gâteau!
J'espère que Charlie se portera mieux! 104, c'est FOU!

Espbfdl said...

wow--great stuff!! ALL of your creations ROCK:)

Angie Williams said...

Fun cards! I love them all!

Mélanie Blackburn said...

Love the cake Isa!!! It's looks awesome.

Joy-N-Jesus said...

wow!!! That is so amazing and adorable!

Jamie Lane said...

This is just amazing! You did a terrific job!